How Modular Is Changing the Hospitality Industry


Why would you want to put a hotel in a factory? There are actually a few great reasons to use modular. You may have employees who work long shifts and just don’t want to drive home. You might have icy conditions on the roads where driving could be dangerous.  Sometimes workers are called upon to come right back after only a 5 or 6-hour break to finish up a big job.

Reasons like this have created a need and developers are responding. This new segment of the hospitality industry is being referred to as “head in beds.” They’re taking advantage of modular construction, which is cheaper and faster to build than regular hotels. The cheap and fast hotel model isn’t new though. Hilton and Marriott have ventured out into modular construction to meet a growing need in the hospitality industry.


Let’s face it! Sometimes all you need is a bed and a shower. You don’t need or want to pay for high-end services. There are a growing number of businesses where employers would prefer inexpensive modular rooms to luxury hotel suites.

Just need a bed & shower?

CitizenM now holds the record for tallest modular hotel. But they also offer a few other pretty amazing features. In only 14 square meters, they will give you an extra-large bed, shower, wide-screen TV and electronic window blinds. In each room, you get a “MoodPad” that controls everything from the comfort of your bed. With free movies, hairdryer and unlimited Wi-Fi, there’s really nothing missing.

Many experts in the industry believe this is the future of the hospitality industry. Of course, there will always be a need for luxury hotel rooms, but the research is pretty sound. In over half the cases, these new modular rooms are a better choice.

The lobbies in these new modular hotels really have it all as well. You can get food and drinks 24/7. There are plenty of comfy spaces to relax on a couch and eat or watch TV.

CitizenM is based in The Netherlands and mostly available in European cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam. But they are moving to other countries and many of the top leading hotel chains are adopting this business model. So it shouldn’t be long till there’s one in your neighborhood. And of course, they are moving toward building hotels like this in or near factories where workers just need a bed and shower.

Plenty of amenities

hotel lobby

These modular hotel rooms are becoming more popular at airports too. So many times, travelers get stuck at an airport due to weather concerns. Most travelers say they’ve slept in an airport waiting area before. But if you could provide a budget-friendly solution, these folks would almost always opt to sleep in a modular hotel room as opposed to a floor or chair.

Modular for the future

There are so many other places where modular rooms will simply work better, such as near a hospital. They could be built in areas with high homeless rates so that the homeless would have a bed and shower at times.

It’s a solution to a problem that many of us didn’t realize we had. But it is effective and should be the next big thing for the entire hospitality industry.

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