New Construction Apps & Software for Contractors

construction apps

With the boom in technology advancements for construction, quite a few new construction apps have emerged. They’re all meant to make planning and building construction projects much simpler. But a new survey shows that many of them fail the test. They simply don’t integrate well with construction software. This has opened the door for new companies to develop smarter, more convenient software.

For instance, there’s a great need for apps that can track a project from the drawing board to completion. The problem arises when examining how well these programs integrate with each other. Each platform accomplishes a specific task, but does it work well with the other apps? This is a tough problem that will eventually be solved. But for the moment, app developers don’t seem to realize the importance of programs that integrate well.


What Are Construction Workers Using to Get the Job Done?

Approximately 93% of those responding to the JBKnowledge ConTech report of 2019 said they used their smartphones at work. About 83% use computers with tablet use at 64%. This is a growth of 21% since 2014. Moving ahead, these numbers are expected to climb. The reasons are very simple. Smartphones and computers help us all to get our work done more efficiently and more effectively.

The work can be saved and shared using Google docs or Dropbox. The most efficient mobile apps in each category are:

  • Plan management apps: Procore, Bluebeam Revu and PlanGrid
  • Popular file-sharing services: Dropbox, Egnyte, Citrix Sharefile
  • Daily report management: Bluebeam Revu, Procore and PlanGrid
  • BIM file viewing apps: Navisworks, Bluebeam Revu and BIM 360 Docs
  • Photo/video management: Procore, Bluebeam Revu and PlanGrid

According to the latest findings, the biggest problem with all these construction apps is that workers must toggle back and forth between half a dozen apps each day. This has added to the time and labor required. Contractors say that they must use a specialized app for every stage and task, making it too complex. Some contractors admitted to having 20 or more apps on their phones for different duties. This causes frustration and fatigue.

construction apps

Construction Apps & Cyber Breaches

Another inherent problem is cybersecurity. Many of the construction apps are easy to penetrate. Hackers can obtain important information about the project, its contractors and even financiers. Two-factor authentication seems to be the best solution for this problem but users say that it’s cumbersome and takes too long. Employers are tightening down though and insisting on the use of this security method.

User training has been the best guard against cyber breaches. Training employees how to spot suspicious emails has proven very effective. Users must be trained regularly though, so they don’t get careless and click a link in an email. With the cost of one cyber-attack now over one million dollars, it’s well worth the cost to train employees several times per year.

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