3D Printer Creates 60-foot Concrete Slabs in One Minute

3D printing

Imagine creating a 60-foot-long slab in less than a minute. That would be a real game-changer for the construction world. Arizona-based Armatron Systems specializes in 3D construction printing. And they’ve invented a 3D printer technique that will create 60-foot-long slabs, a job that might take a crew all day to get done using traditional methods.

Their 3D printer is equipped with a slip-form mold extrusion system that can support weight right after it has been laid…no more waiting for concrete to dry. Their system limits the air bubbles in the concrete, while shortening the curing process.

3D Printing Revolutionizes Construction World

3D printer

Another exciting development, the Armatron System is able to create curvilinear walls. This is something that no other 3D printer has been able to accomplish. The company has just filed for patents to protect these new and exciting inventions. They say that further testing is needed to ensure that the process is ready to roll out to the public.

Armatron believes that they’ll be ready to unveil their system to construction professionals within nine to 12 months. During this time, they’re planning to add new functionalities, such as adding new options. For one, they want to offer slabs in various thicknesses, from one-fourth inch thick to 30 inches thick.

Armatron co-founder and COO, Blair Souter, commented, “The construction industry is statistically the most dangerous for its workers, who are increasingly forced to work alongside heavy machinery. Labor costs are exceptionally high, productivity is low, and the sector simply hasn’t evolved in line with manufacturing and other comparable industries.”

He also believes that 3D printing can transform the construction industry making it more profitable and more efficient, even cutting down on the number of construction accidents each year.

1500sf Home in 2 Days

3D print

“We see 3D construction printing (ADDITIVE LAYER-WISE MANUFACTURING) as the impetus that will bring the construction industry into a new era of efficiency and profitability,” said Souter in an interview.

Souter says that his company will license the printers instead of selling them, so they can maintain better quality control. They will be training end users, teaching them how to combine their own construction technologies with his 3D printer invention.

3D Printers More Affordable

Facts about the 3D Printer:

  • No piece weighs more than 70 lbs
  • No proprietary concrete mixture is necessary
  • The device can be set up in 45 minutes

The Armatron printer was originally developed to assist in building fast temporary shelters for those affected by natural disasters. It is so fast that reportedly, it can build a 1500 foot home in only two days, from foundation to roof. This makes it ideal for helping displaced storm victims who need shelter.

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