Multiple Lawsuits for Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans

New Orleans

The future looks bleak for Citadel Builders, the construction company that was involved in building the Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans. The October 12th collapse killed 3 people and injured many others.

Lawsuits target developers, designers & builders

The New Orleans lawsuits claim there were serious deficiencies in the planning, design and construction process. Of course, the courts will decide each case but the evidence is pretty strong. No one will forget the incredible and somewhat scary photos of the building simply collapsing in on itself for no apparent reason.

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Poor design, unskilled workers

Of course, as the courts will prove, the cause was very simple: the builders used poor quality materials. But that’s not the end of the story; the design itself was faulty. It is being alleged that the design of the building was enormously flawed. Below are the specific reasons being cited for the collapse:

  • Poor design that wasn’t able to bear the full load of the hotel’s structure
  • Pile load test results were purposely switched with another project
  • Poured concrete was not allowed to cure sufficiently
  • Not enough/wrong type of structural supports for concrete slabs on upper floors
  • Unskilled workers

In addition to the personal lawsuits, some businesses in New Orleans have filed suits claiming that their revenue was severely impacted by the collapse. The source?  The hotel’s massive damages, blocked streets, and blocked pedestrian traffic.

Citadel Construction wasn’t the only company to be involved in the law suits. Suits were also filed against the developers, engineers and several others.


Attorney Jason Kellogg of law firm Levine Kellogg Lehman Schneider and Grossman of Miami commented saying, “It’s going to be a lot like the FIU (Florida International University) bridge collapse where everybody involved gets targeted in a lawsuit. Eventually, an expert will work out what happened, and the parties at fault will be identified, and liability will be apportioned.”

Structure still unstable

Unfortunately, the work to recover the bodies of two who died in the collapse in New Orleans is ongoing. The structure has been so unstable that crews fear another collapse, especially with the recent rain.  Local officials continue to search for safe ways to demolish what’s left of the building. Since it is adjacent to other structures in the area, there’s a danger of harming the surrounding buildings if the demolition isn’t carried out correctly.

Work to recover the bodies of two individuals who died in the collapse continues, but crews fear that the recent rains may have made the remaining structure even more unstable. It could be a lengthy process for these crews as well as the defendants in the case.

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