New Construction Tools You May Need on the Job


Today in the world of construction, you’ll find quite a few new high-tech construction tools and gadgets that will impress even the most skeptical friends. These tools were invented to make construction work a little bit easier and safer.

construction tools

The average construction worker uses quite a few tools each day. And they’re not using simple construction tools like saws and hammers so much anymore. Today, they’re using cool new hacks, new-fangled inventions, and time-saving tools to get the job done right.

Below, we reveal the top 5 of these new gadgets. Next week, we’ll cover 5 more awesome construction tools that can save lots of time and help you get any job completed without busting a knuckle.

Handsfree Switch Socket Sizes

A new Impact Socket from Klein Tools can turn you into a whiz on the job. It allows you to switch between different size bolts and nuts without using your hands. Get change sockets HandsFree now and work faster and smarter.

CHANNELLOCK Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench

Unclutter your tool belt with this new CHANNELLOCK Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench. These new wrenches are available in size 6, 8, 10 and 12. They work like a normal wrench, but also allow you to reverse the jaw so that the teeth can get a tight grip on any object.

Hassle-free ceramic drilling

The Aqua Shot from Miyanaga greatly simplifies the ceramic drilling task. It has a built-in water tank that sends water through the drill as you use it. The whole process is smoother now. No more drilling while you’re trying to spray water onto the drill bit. The Aqua Shot is under $100 and you can replace the tips as they wear out. Click here to see the Aqua Shot in action.

Post-it Extreme

3M has finally improved the Post-It Note. These Extreme Post-it Notes are larger and easier to see plus they will stick to anything at all. You can leave a Post-It note on drywall, copper, brick, hot surfaces, plastic pipes, concrete, leather belts, the door of your truck or anywhere you need to leave a note.

One Construction Tool To Drive Them All

The Bosch Max FlexiClick 5-in-1 Drill/Driver System can perform a wide variety of tasks like drilling, screw-driving and drilling at an angle. Even if you need to drive a screw close to an edge, it can handle it. This is a great option for smaller projects where you need to move around and don’t have the ability to take a bunch of different tools with you. The Bosch 5-in-1 Drill Driver System is available for about $199.00.

Lately, we’ve been seeing so many technology advancements that it’s easy to forget that other industries have had some pretty good breakthroughs. The construction world is one of them.  New construction tools are coming out each month that can really make your job so much simpler. That’s it for now, but next week we’ll go over 5 more new and exciting tools.


  1. We also have lithium ion drills & jigsaws too, etc. I am selling them & they are an up top date wonderful set of tools. I really like the post you have here. We use them to make crates to ship all kinds of different machinery. Thanks for your post!

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