New Advancements in Green Building Technology

One of the goals of green building technology is to create living environments where the building’s occupants can interact within the space. Just like Smart Cars, Smart Buildings are evolving now to become amazing places to work. They serve the common needs of employees and yet blend in as much as possible with the environment.

Global warming

Our planet is undergoing changes that are forcing us to consider new ways to deliver heating and air conditioning or fuel our cars.  On a larger scale, industries are now looking for ways to stop polluting the air. After 100 years of industrialization, our air, water and soil has become contaminated. As a society,we realized this some time ago and began developing electric cars and solar power.

Now, we’ve moved forward to include our construction processes. One of the big obstacles toward the goal of not polluting is the challenge of blending into our surroundings. That’s what architects aspire to do with green buildings. They develop structures that don’t intrude, but compliment the area.

Green building

A ‘green’ building creates the least possible impact on its surroundings. How is this accomplished? As the industry has moved forward, great strides have been made.

There are many aspects that are addressed including:

  • Use of renewable energy, such as solar power
  • Efficient use of energy, water and other resources                                           
  • Good indoor air quality
  • Recycling
  • Use of sustainable building materials such as bamboo and cork
  • Designs, construction and operations that make the least impact on the environment
  • Taking into considering the needs and health of occupants

Though it isn’t always possible, architects also strive to build designs that can change as the surroundings change. As green building technology has moved forward, builders are now working toward maximizing the return on the developer’s investment as well. From the foundation to the solar panels on the rooftop, when special attention is given to the small –and large areas during the construction process, a structure can come in on budget while still providing a comfortable work space.

Maximum efficiency saves electricity, it minimizes pollution and it gives employees an amazing place to work each day.

Storing Your Tools

With the right modular storage system, your tools can stay protected from damage. Many workers now think of tool storage products as an essential part of their business. You may require heavy duty cabinets on wheels that allow you to take tools inside the service location. Locking tool boxes can prevent theft. Sliding platforms can maximize your storage capacity in a truck or SUV.

RolaCase and RolaShelf started out in Australia in 1982 providing durable tool storage options for workers. Their brand is now sold all over the world. You can purchase a few tool boxes or a whole storage system. Please visit the RolaCaseUSA website.

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