Border Wall Underway Using Military Funds

border wall

The Supreme Court recently approved the use of diverted military funds to build Donald Trump’s infamous border wall. The first project will begin soon, a 30-foot steel fence spanning 2 miles to be built in Arizona near the popular beach resort Puerto Peñasco.

In his campaign speeches in 2015, Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his wall. Since then, a great deal of controversy has raged about whether America really needs a wall between Mexico and the U.S.  Some research has been done that proves that each and every wall prototype can be breached easily with household tools.


Do Americans Really Want a Border Wall?

A recent article in the Washington Post says that the majority of Americans are opposed to a wall. They want immigration reform instead; a real tangible strategy that addresses the key problems with America’s current immigration policies. Only 4 out of 10 people surveyed said that they thought a wall would solve the immigration problems. Most respondents said they believe America does need the cheap labor that Mexico provides. But that the process of hiring illegal immigrants should be revamped to give Mexicans a legal way to enter the U.S. and work here.

The majority of Americans are also in favor of creating a legal pathway for Dreamers (young undocumented aliens brought to the U.S. illegally) to become citizens.

One thing that many politicians do not discuss is the number of illegal aliens that come to America each year from other countries. A recent poll found that over one million enter the U.S. and remain here each year. They come from European countries, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. Whole communities exist in many larger cities where the aliens do not speak English and have not adopted American ways. The public-at-large does not seem as distraught about this group of illegal aliens.

Border Walls Moving Forward

The federal government has awarded contracts to several builders including:

  • Southwest Valley Constructors ($646 million dollar contract)
  • SLS Ltd. in Galveston, Texas ($789 million dollar contract)
  • BFBC LLC ($142 million dollar contract)

Though construction will begin soon on the border wall, the legal decision to use military funds has been challenged in the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. If this decision is overturned, construction could stop immediately.

USA wall

Many of the areas that are scheduled for border wall construction are popular places where people move back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico on a regular basis. Some travel disruption will occur for those Americans who travel to Mexico for cheap drugs, medical procedures or vacation purposes.

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