If You Build It, Will They Really Come?

From the movie, Field of Dreams, we all wanted to believe in Iowa farmer Ray (Kevin Costner) and his dream of building a baseball diamond on farmland out in the middle of nowhere. This magical film made us all want to support this somewhat crazy idea. As Ray learned throughout the film, dreams are sometimes about more than we think.

Legoland Malaysia

That brings us to the topic of building things. Recently, work was completed on Legoland New York. The Legoland New York Resort is located in Goshen and is a $500 million dollar project that includes the Legoland Hotel, lots of entertainment and 50 rides.

Experts agree that millions will find their way to this new and exciting theme park. Legoland parks have risen in popularity due in part to the success of the Legoland movie franchise. Though the price tag for just one theme park is pretty high, investors are sure to get their money back and pretty quickly.

Wanna Move to New York or the Field of Dreams?

The New York area itself has become highly sought by residential and commercial groups. Real estate prices are shocking to newcomers. At the moment, a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan will cost around $1 million. If you want something with high end features that’s completely renovated and has a doorman, then think more along the lines of $3 million. Though it’s not the Field of Dreams, it does offer some fairly spectuacular amenities.

The lesson here is location, location, location. That’s an old real estate motto that still rings true. Whether you’re building apartments or theme parks, choose prime locations where there are already thousands of potentials buyers/customers.

Field of Dreams

Though the idea of turning farmland out in the boondocks into something spectacular is entertaining, it’s probably not going to be a profitable venture. These days, investors build where there is already substantial evidence that consumers will come.

Keep Austin Weird

Planning for a new Apple campus is underway in Austin, Texas. It will provide expansion for their operations. The 133-acre campus will be able to accommodate 5,000 employees. The reason Apple chose Austin, Texas is its continuing popularity with investors and tourists.  Austin offers live entertainment venues, plenty of outdoor activities, great food and restaurants and ample shopping. It has been named the #1 Best Place to Live for the past 2 years.

Choosing a location like this was not only a win for Apple but also a huge benefit for their employees. Austin can provide the lifestyle that millions of people are searching for. The Colorado River runs through the heart of the city and it has excellent weather year-round. There are dozens of parks, lakes and recreational areas.

Building in Highly Sought Areas

As large corporations search for places to build, they no longer look for the cheapest property that’s out in the middle of nowhere like the Field of Dreams. They want to build in beautiful areas that already offer all the amenities that potential employees might want. This ensures that the company will be able to hire the best employees and keep them happy throughout their tenure.

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