Construction on Legoland New York Comes to a Screeching Halt

Heavy rains in the area have caused building inspectors to shut down the Legoland New York construction site. Though it may seem like a drastic penalty, this is not the first time the construction site has experienced problems. The city of Goshen has ordered worked stoppages multiple times for this project.

Incessant rains in the Goshen area caused dangerous flooding with runoff that has polluted the local waterways. This time, city inspector Neal Halloran, issued a more permanent work stoppage order. The construction company must submit a remediation plan to address the runoff problems.

legoland starshipOpening of Legoland New York Delayed

The timeline for the opening of the new Legoland New York theme attraction has been pushed back to summer of 2019. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has in the past, issued temporary work stoppage orders to the general contractor Holt Construction. Both the construction company and the engineering firm Lanc & Tully, have received 22 violations along with fines totaling more than $278,000.

Project officials have stated that the constant heavy rains are the real culprit. With no way to control the rain totals, the construction company must come up with a plan to prevent storm-water pollution to the local water supply. The EPA developed specific guidelines that protect the local water supply from contamination.

Doug Bloomfield, Goshen town supervisor commented, “We’ve tried to be patient, we’ve worked with the state DEC, and we’ve issued stop orders on construction at the Legoland site due to the runoff in the past. The purpose of the (current) stop-work order is for Legoland to stop doing what they’re doing until they can focus on repairing things.”

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The EPA Steps In

The EPA issued guidelines to address these issues. The contractor must train employees on the proper way to clean up and prevent flooding. They must also ensure that subcontractors are aware of these problems and are working to prevent storm-water drainage in the future. The EPA will perform regular evaluations to make sure that the contractor is adhering to all regulations. If the heavy rains continue, the EPA may need to update their program.

In the past, the site has also experienced problems with soil removal. Due to the excessive number of big trucks hauling dirt away from the site, the contractors were finally told that they were permanently banned from removing dirt via truck. Instead, the dirt must be moved to other locations on the site. The number of construction trucks on local roads and highways was causing traffic congestion.

Legoland New York Resort is a $500 million dollar project that will have over 50 rides and shows and include a Legoland Hotel for the convenience of visitors.

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