Tallest Modular Hotel in NYC Will Be Ready By Fall 2020

Marriott International has announced that they are working on a $65 million modular hotel in New York City. This will be designated as the world’s tallest modular hotel at 360-feet tall. It will consist of a street-level lobby and restaurant. Additionally, 168 prefabricated guest rooms. The rooms will be fully finished and ready to be stacked on top of each other when they arrive. This will make the building process go much faster. Marriott believes the rooms can be fully completed within 90 days.

The 26-story building will also have a gorgeous roof and rooftop bar. For instance, it will feature all the perks and amenities of any other highrise building.

Is Modular The Future Of Construction?

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Danny Forster of the architectural firm that designed the project, commented about this. “We wanted to demonstrate that modular building can do more than just harness the efficiencies of the factory. It can produce a graceful and iconic tower. And yes, it can do so at the rate of an entire floor a day.”

The hotel will be known as the AC Hotel NoMad. It is the latest in a stream of modular properties that Marriott has constructed. In 2017, the organization stated they would begin pursuing modular construction methods. For instance, they’ve built 31 Marriott-brand properties that utilized prefabrication to some extent. At the moment, the tallest modular hotel in America is the 354-room Courtyard and Towne Place Suites in Hawthorne, California.

Other Large Hotel Chains Move Toward Modular

Marriott is also currently building a property in Oakland, California called the Moxy Hotel that will have 354 rooms. Their concept to move in the direction of this type of hotel construction should bring down costs and help the hotel chain to get hotels built faster. Other large chains, like Hilton Home2Suites are also moving in the direction of modular construction. They have announced a new project near San Francisco International Airport. This will be the first modular hotel for the city.

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These new hotel projects have caused modular manufacturers to step up their operations. They’ve opened new plants across the nation. Recently, a new plant opened in Chicago that will be run by construction industry technology veteran Stacy Scopano.

A company called Katerra has made waves due to its aggressive acquisition strategy. Katerra has introduced proprietary software to make the modular building process more streamlined. The new software will make the modular building lifecycle management more productive.

Eric Jacobs of Marriott International North America, also commented, saying, “In North America, the construction process hasn’t changed significantly in 150 years and it’s ripe for innovation. The world’s tallest modular hotel in one of the world’s greatest destinations will act as a game-changing symbol to ignite even greater interest in modular among the real estate and lending industries.”

New Hotel Space for Large Cities

The address of the 26-story AC Hotel New York NoMad will be 842 Sixth Avenue. Similarly, the prefab guestrooms will be fully constructed. They will include rooms that are completely outfitted with sheets, beds, flooring, paint and toiletries. Modular construction will shave considerable time off the project’s timeline. Additionally, the restaurant and lobby will be constructed using traditional methods.

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