Metropolitan Cities Like New York Now Considering Underground Parks

For people living in large heavily populated cities like New York, outdoor space comes at a premium. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, there’s very limited green space available. That’s why developers are now considering underground parks.

One such project in New York is called The Lowline and it will be located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The project just moved through its first stage of endorsements recently when NYCEDC President Maria Torres-Springer and Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen announced the official approval of the project.


Urban Areas of New York Need Underground Parks

The Lowline will provide a lush green space in one of America’s busiest cities. The main recreational space in New York has always been Central Park. But it is usually overrun with joggers and people walking their pets. It’s often difficult to find a private spot in Central Park. And this has been true for years.

Though The Lowline is a long way from becoming reality, it does provide hope and encouragement for those living in other large cities with similar problems. The underground park will provide luxurious green space for residents and tourists and become a popular attraction for tourists.

Advances in Solar Panels

The project will take advantage of cutting edge solar technology, which has come a long way in the last 10 years. Solar panels can now be found in transparent glass styles that would beautify any rooftop. And the light they provide will deliver the necessary photosynthesis to create a lush garden space where trees and plants can bloom year round.

Statistics show that urban areas without sufficient green space can suffer in many different ways. For instance, the obesity rate in children and adults is higher. Another often overlooked advantage of trees is that they oxygenate the air we breathe. Where there are lots of trees, the air is cooler and fresher. But when there’s too much concrete, buildings and highways, the air quality is very poor. This causes breathing problems for the local residents, especially children of cities like New York.


Children grow up healthier in many ways when they have sufficient outdoor spaces where they can run and play. This isn’t always possible in large urban areas though like New York. Which is why underground parks can be a viable option for areas that do not have ample green areas.

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