Ways to Decrease Pollution and Reverse Climate Change

The regular pavement used on highways and roads is making its own unique evolution just like other technology. Today, you’ll find Cool Pavement and Dark Pavement. Each one uses additives mixed into the road surfacing material to accomplish something. But how does this affect pollution?

Facts About Cool Pavement

Cool pavement contains additives that reflect solar radiation. The end result is that the pavement actually cools the temperature of the adjacent area. As most drivers have noticed, all highway areas where there’s lots of traffic are warmer than the surrounding areas.

In fact, you can check the ambient temperature in a busy section of downtown Los Angeles. On an average day, the temps on surrounding roadways will be at least 10 degrees higher than the regular temperature. If you go to a nearby rural area with lots of trees and grass, the temperature is lower. That’s because trees and foliage provide oxygen and shade. They work in the background, keeping the air cleaner and cooler.

What Is Dark Pavement?

Dark pavement is just the opposite. And any darker colored pavement will have these same characteristics. They contribute to the surrounding temperature making the air feel hotter because dark pavement absorbs 80-90 percent of the sunlight. Instead of reflecting it, as cool pavement does, the heat goes into the road and makes the ambient temp higher than normal. This contributes a great deal to global warming.

Many areas of the world have concrete or some type of pavement. One of the issues that nature lovers have with industry and manufacturing is that the whole process does warm the air. Often, it also contaminates the air. Factories blow out toxic waste into the atmosphere which unnaturally warms the air but also pollutes it.

Made in China

One good example is China’s manufacturing industry. America and many other countries have their goods and products made in China in order to reduce the cost. This has led to China having a severe problem with air pollution. The World Health Organization has described China’s air as “hazardous” to human life. The poor air quality has led to people being inflicted with all sorts of deadly diseases. Things like asthma and lung disease are very common in China.

In 2013, the country pledged to do better. China’s Academy for Environmental Planning pledged $277 billion toward improving their air quality. They have finally realized that it is not beneficial for any nation to allow their air, soil and waterways to become polluted. This will lead to massive natural disasters. Once the oceans become too polluted, the fish and other wildlife will die. Since the earth is 80 percent water, it’s imperative to keep our water clean. And yet, many companies still dump toxic waste into the oceans and waterways with no thought as to how this will affect our trees, animals, insects, fish, and humans.

Saving the Earth from Pollution

People are beginning to realize that if we allow industry, manufacturing and commerce to destroy our eco-system, then we’re basically killing our home planet and humans will have no place else to live. We need our insects, animals, trees and wildlife to be healthy in order for our species to survive long term. No amount of money is worth causing irreversible damage to the earth.

Just like solar energy, cool pavement is doing its part to ensure that the earth will remain healthy enough to support life. Inventors and entrepreneurs are working hard to create wind farms that will generate enough electricity to power a city. They’re coming up with solutions that clean the waste and pollution that already exists in our oceans. Hopefully, as each country does its part, we’ll make gradual improvements and the affects of climate change will decrease.

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