Amazing New Gadgets Just in Time For Christmas

Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. Before that, people never dreamed that we would someday have printers that could print anything from car parts to an actual full-size house. Wearable technology has been hot as well. You can find watches and tee-shirts that measure your heart rate and tell you how many steps you walk each day. In addition, you’ll find new gadgets that make life a little easier and a whole lot more fun.


Hottest New Gadgets for Christmas this Year

KeySmart – If you’re tired of a bulky ring of keys poking your leg, then KeySmart is the answer. It uses a patented “S” design to create a compact keyring that keeps all your keys organized and in place. There’s a multifunctional tool attached as well. You can customize it with a variety of options and colors. Add your car’s Fob and keys in less than a minute and you’re ready to go. It retails for around $20 and would make a perfect stocking stuffer.

FIXD – Now you can figure out exactly why your “check engine” light is on. FIXD is a vehicle diagnostic tool that was invented by three college guys. It plugs in just below your steering wheel and will send all the info you need directly to your phone using a cool app. No need to panic when those dash lights come on. With FIXD you’ll know exactly what’s going on under the hood. It retails for around $50.

MindInsole – If you’re like most people, you experience a bit of back, hip and knee pain when running, working or doing anything physical. MindInsole is a revolutionary new insole that combines magnetic technology with reflexology to deliver relief for your feet. You can reduce back pain with every step you take as this intelligent insole sends pain relieving jolts to 400 different massage points on your feet. It comes in lots of sizes and retails for around $10 per pair.

Heat Buddy – If you live or work in a cold, drafty area, then Heat Buddy is just what you need. This compact device plugs into any wall socket. There’s no assembly required. Just plug it in and it starts pumping out warm air. It works in basements, garages or any place where you need instant warmth. It has a built-in timer and digital heat set-up that allows you to control the flow of warm air. With 350-watts of power, you’ll never be cold again. It retails for about $20.

NightGuide HD – Worried about night driving? These special glasses help you avoid accidents while driving at night. These glasses enhance colors and provide high definition clarity. They’re lightweight and stylish and they’ve been very popular with drivers. If you have trouble seeing well while driving at night, NightGuide guarantees better visibility. They’re available in several different styles and priced from $15 to $20 per pair.

SuperBoost WI-FI Extender – If you’re tired of dealing with dead spots in your home’s wireless system, then Superboost Wifi can help. Superboost guarantees five-bar reception from anyplace in your home, even the bathroom. The company also boasts faster internet speeds even from the backyard or garage. This gadget uses military-grade technology known as signal repeater transmission. This product has been used in caves where rock walls were blocking radio transmissions. It can be used anywhere you need your wi-fi signal strengthened or lengthened. It retails for about $50.

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