New Parachute Technology For Drones Is Saving Time and Money

Technologies like drones and virtual reality coupled with real-time workflow construction software have forever altered the scope of the construction industry.  And drone technology for the construction industry is improving each year to include high-quality products like survey-grade drones.

Why Use Drones Instead Of Humans?

The reason drones work so well for construction is that they can easily go into places where it would be difficult, dangerous or even impossible for humans to go. Construction sites are world famous for all the crazy, precarious areas. This is definitely one of the most hazardous industries to work in. So with the invention of drones, now the site supervisor can send in a flying camera that can assay the situation, send back good data and provide other helpful specs.


The biggest problem for drone technology has been crashing. Drones can be expensive so if you lose one in a crash, then you not only lose important information, you lose expensive equipment. Now there’s a fix for that.

An Austrian company called Drone Rescue has invented three new types of parachutes for multi-copter drones. Each one has a black box on board that records flight data and monitors GPS signals. Once the drone is in trouble, you can deploy the parachute while simultaneously cutting off power to the rotors so they don’t get caught in the parachute. The data that is collected can be used a lot of ways including providing information for insurance claims.

The DRS-5 and DRS-10 parachutes can support drones up to 18 pounds and 11 to 44 pounds, respectively. Once a drone is in trouble, there’s only a limited amount of time to deploy the parachute so it can land safely. These parachutes are proving their worth in many ways.

Providing Construction With Valuable Services

The DJI Matrice 600 Pro costs around $5,000 retail so it’s an expensive accident once it crashes into the ground. Plus, it may have had valuable data on board regarding a job site. It makes sense to attach a parachute so it can land safely on the ground. This particular drone is popular because of the cinema quality video and it’s adaptable to many other professions besides construction.


The hexacopter’s six rotors offer high speed, extended flight time and good maneuverability. Though they are fun to operate, they’ve become a valuable commodity on big construction projects. They’re very adaptable for other commercial uses as well. With the addition of a parachute, the drone can be expected to give you years of solid service with no more expensive crashes.

As parachutes for drones become more reliable, industry experts expect drone manufacturers to include them with their products. Within a few years, we may rarely see a drone that doesn’t have a parachute system.

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