The Latest Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has really taken hold with consumers. This method of controlling all the devices, lighting and security in your home is also becoming more cost-effective. It offers peace of mind for homeowners and even those renting. You can get access to many convenient features for just a few hundred dollars.

Technologies like the Nest Thermostat and security systems, of course, cost more but they do offer more as well. You can protect yourself and your home from thieves. You can keep an eye on the babysitter. You can set your thermostat on your way home from work. All this and more is possible with today’s Smart Home Technology.

water-glasses-3221818_960_720New Advances in AI

Probably the greatest thing about it is that developers are continuously adding new features to old products and inventors seem to come up with revolutionary new ideas each year. As we move into the future, and artificial intelligence advances, we can expect some pretty cool gadgets. Microsoft has become a leader in AI technology, but perhaps the most exciting advancement in this sector is the driverless car.

For smart home technology, there are lots of industry leaders and exciting breakthroughs. Below are a few of the favorite smart home devices that consumers love:

Amazon Echo: For around $100, you can get a new Amazon Echo. These started out as novelty gadgets but have morphed into useful devices found in many homes. There are currently 39 million Smart Speaker devices in use in American homes. The market has been flooded with smaller cheaper devices like the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini. During the holidays, this is a top seller at both retailers and online stores.

Nest Hello: Everyone has heard of the Nest Home Thermostat but what about the latest smart doorbell, the Nest Hello? It integrates with other Nest products and offers facial recognition so you can tell who’s at the door. It also integrates with the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, a popular security system. Developers are adding new features every year. It costs around $200.

Amazon Cloud Cam: Speaking of good integration, this Cloud Cam delivers crisp 1080p live feed, 24-hour clip storage, and motion notifications. It’s small and attractive but does the job for indoor home security. It retails for around $120.

August Smart Lock: You can control your door from anywhere with this gadget. The activity monitor lets you know who’s coming and going. You can give digital keys to guests for several weeks. Status updates let you know for sure that all your doors are securely locked. This is the ultimate way to keep bad guys out and make sure friends and family can get in.

Lutron Caseta: This product is only available through lighting specialists or interior decorators. It gives you a reliable way to control the lighting throughout your home and even outdoors. It works with older homes that have old wiring. It also integrates with products like Alexa, Siri, and Nest. You can manage all your smart devices with the Lutron Caseta when it is set up properly.

The Neato Botvac Connected: Since the Roomba first came out, many manufacturers have come out with their own robotic vacuum cleaner. The cost of a Roomba is still hovering around $1,000 but the Neato Botvac can be purchased for around $600 making it a great deal. It was named “Best Robot Vacuum 2018” by CNET.

smart homeSecurity for your Smart Devices

As you can see, inventors are working overtime to fill our lives with new and highly intelligent smart home devices. Some make life easier and some make it more fun. All of them do require strong security protocols so the hackers cannot get in. So many homeowners use the default password to their router, Nest, smart locks and other gadgets and this makes it easy for cyber thieves to crack your code and steal your personal information.

Experts recommend using two-factor Identification now. It is a bit of a hassle but so far, hackers have not been able to infiltrate this type of security. If you’re like most people, your passwords can be hacked within a few moments in a brute-force attack. This website lets you type in your password, then it will tell you how long it would take a hacker to figure it out. Most can be deciphered within a few moments.

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