Is Your Construction Project Going Over Budget?

The budget is typically an important consideration on any construction project. After all, a great deal of planning goes into a project before actual construction ever begins. There are planners, developer, architects…all working hard to create a structure that is aesthetically pleasing and will serve the function it was designed for.

Of course, architects today are pushing the envelope in their designs. They’re creating things like growing walls of live plants and singing waterfalls. Gone are the days when just putting up a regular building with four walls and a bunch of offices and cubicles was enough.

Developers want structures that will stand the test of time and be featured in Architectural Digest. So it’s no wonder that sometimes jobs go over the budget. There can be many unanticipated costs associated with building a live wall or a singing wall. Often when you get into a large project like this, a good many problems crop up that no one expected and all of them cost something to deal with. So it’s very easy to see how construction budgets can go haywire.

Another thing that always increases the budget and the time to completion is changes to the original design. Most people who have been in construction for a few years have been down that road. The foreman comes out one morning and lays the plans out on a table and says, “The building owner would like us to incorporate an executive bathroom right here.” Then he points to a section that was supposed to be part of a library. It is not equipped with plumbing.

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The redesign must first be done by architects who will try to make sure everything has been included and accounted for. Then the admin department looks it over and estimates the total cost. Now new plans have to be made and distributed to all foremen. New supplies must be ordered.

Investors and building owners rarely concern themselves with all the trouble it causes to make changes to a large skyscraper, Casino, or resort hotel. They want the best of everything so if they get a great idea in the middle of the night, they won’t be thinking about how much trouble it will be or whether the project will go over-budget.

There are a few other things can bust the budget. These include:

Hiring Cheap Labor

This is never a good idea. Cheap labor is often inexperienced. They’ll make mistakes. Mistakes cost time and money. Hire people with years of experience who take pride in their work. These are the type of people who will give you their best come rain or shine.

Your Architectural Team

Hire a good experienced architectural team and then give them plenty of time to do their job. Too often, contractors want to start work on the structure before the architects are finished. “Just leave that and we can fill it in later,” they’ll say. But, that’s going to get your project started off on the wrong foot.

Listen to your Engineers

Work with the best engineers you can afford and listen to what they tell you. There’s a 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco that is gradually sinking. The reason? The builders did not listen to the engineers and drill down far enough to hit bedrock. They thought that drilling down 80 feet seemed like enough so they ignored the advice of engineers.

This problem has been going on for years and those living in the Millennium Tower are very concerned. They paid top dollar to buy an apartment there and now it’s practically worthless. Engineers have studied the situation for a while and they still have no workable solution. No one knows what will happen to the building 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now. Or how its collapse might affect the buildings around it.

Hire good engineers and listen to their advice.

There are lots of other things that can happen to throw any project over-budget and some are just not foreseeable. But many of them are.

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Any type of accident at any stage can hold up the construction process. Tools can be left out in the walkways where someone could stumble over them. Forklift accidents are common. Some workers don’t know how to use certain machinery. Some are poorly trained and need more supervision. When you put hundreds of workers in one location with lots of heavy machinery and tools, there are bound to be accidents.

Good Tool Storage

A good storage system for your tools can alleviate one problem. And it’s an investment in your business. Good storage for tools will prevent wear and tear, plus ensure that tools are not lost or stolen.

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