New Trends in Designing and Building Restaurants and Bars

Due to a new trend in the US, architects are changing the footprint of today’s modern restaurant. That trend is called “The Craft Beer Craze.” All over the nation, at large and small restaurants, people are coming in to taste the latest craft brew. This has caused real estate developers and architects to reconfigure the layout of their new restaurant project.

At a brand new BJ’s Brewhouse just completed in Livonia, MI, designers built a large cold-storage room just for kegs and cases. The bar area was designed so that more patrons could belly up to the bar. In years past, hanging out at the bar was something that only people who wanted to watch a game on TV were interested in. But today, couples and groups are keen on sitting at the bar.


How Millennials Are Changing Society

It’s a new trend that began with Millennials looking for a new and different dining experience. Millennials have changed a lot on the work and play scene with their unique life choices. And designers and architects are struggling to keep up.

New bars and restaurants are often designed specifically to appeal to a younger generation. This group, born from 1981 to 1996, has much different tastes in food, drinks, and even technology. This is the generation whose lives are built around their phones and texting. They shop online for the most part. They hang out at trendy coffee shops and elaborate sushi bars and restaurants that were built to appeal specifically to their age group.

Investors are taking note of these trends, adding elements like charging areas, where patrons can charge their phones. Just as Baby Boomer made their mark on our society for so many years, Millennials are now doing the same.


Marketing to Millennials

While some experts warn about over-generalizing about a certain generation, investors are only concerned with building a popular venue that will become a favorite hangout for them. Millennials have a higher spendable income ratio than any other generation to date. Though they can be over-cautious about where and how they spend their money, if a thing is presented or marketed to them in the right way, they’ll see it as a positive expense that enhances their lifestyle.

Hanging out at a favorite restaurant can be marketed as a great way to relax and unwind while networking with others in their profession. All the latest research shows that millennials will spend money on something they consider to be a “unique experience.” That’s the challenge for restaurant designers. They must provide quality food and drinks but they must also create a certain ambiance, along with an unforgettable experience. That’s the key to getting them to become regular patrons.

New Ideas for Restaurant Designs

Another new trend in restaurant design is the addition of a stand-alone kitchen that can be used for a variety of functions. For instance, it could be used each week by chefs to try out new recipes. Or it could be used as a teaching area where the restaurant offers weekly cooking lessons to its patrons. This idea has been highly successful because it promotes interaction and creativity. It offers that unique “experience” that Millennials are searching for.

With all these new trends, the restaurant sector has seen a real boom in activity and this has attracted developers and entrepreneurs. Within 10 years every large city should have a good variety of bars and restaurants where you can meet with friends, try out a new craft beer or learn how to roll sushi. These establishments are not just about food and drinks anymore. They’re about incredible unforgettable experiences.

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