Can Depression Be Cured With the Proper Lighting?

Lighting is one area of interior design that has really become advanced in the past two decades. Americans aren’t just looking for simple, inexpensive light solutions anymore. They’re looking for lighting that makes a dramatic statement about the overall home décor.

Lighting for Every Occasion

For many, lighting is something we all take for granted. You get up in the morning, flip the light switch and go to the kitchen to make coffee. Often, the light is harsh when you first get up in the morning. But what if you could design your kitchen with a series of different light solutions? Perhaps one group of lights hangs elegantly over your kitchen island. You’ll need those to make coffee. But they don’t have to shine so brightly when you have them on a dimmer switch that allows you to keep the lights low until you’re fully awake.


That’s just one of the perks of today’s modern lighting designs that can take your home to the next level. If you’re planning a romantic evening at home, you can set the mood with a variety of dreamy lighting solutions. If you’re entertaining outside at night, you’ll need lights that make it safe for everyone to move around in the dark. But your outside lighting can also create a fun, party mood.

These are just a few of the ways to use lights to improve your mood and enhance your lifestyle. And interior designers are now pulling out all their magic tricks to create the right mood for any event whether casual or holiday. You’ll find countless types of lighting for every occasion at the local hardware store.

Can Lighting Cure Depression?

Doctors at Stanford University are now experimenting in a field called “Optogenics” that explores the effects that lighting has on people. One of the doctors, Karl Deisseroth, believes that lighting can actually help to treat patients suffering with depression. His research on the human brain shows that neurons can be switched on and off just like lighting. All it takes is shining the right type of light at the right intensity into the patient’s eyes and suddenly neural pathways are transformed.

Dr. Deisseroth believes that someday this type of research could help to treat patients with various forms of psychiatric disease. Though his research is very exciting and promising, most of us know instinctively how certain types of light can change our mood.

For instance, on gloomy days when the sun never shines, people are more prone to depression and low-key activities. They tend to stay in their pajamas all day and not go outside. However, if it’s a sunny summer day, people are more likely to get up early, put on a pair of shorts and flip-flops and go out to the beach for the day.


Doctors and scientists have noticed a real correlation between lighting and depression or anxiety. People who suffer with depression often live in homes with very poor lighting. They tend to keep things dark most of the time. But people with outgoing, bubbly personalities always have the lights on and may even have festive lighting around the room, even when there’s no holiday to celebrate.

Make Every Day Special

Hopefully, the science of Optogenetics will make great strides in helping those with clinical depression and other mental health problems. But at the moment, we can all agree that beautiful, elegant lighting makes a room feel merry and bright. It also improves the value of a home and makes the inhabitants feel better. It’s usually an inexpensive fix that can make a strong statement about who you are.

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