Top 6 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone

Many people travel these days for work and pleasure. In addition, there are far more women travelers today than in times past. With the world so troubled, traveling to faraway places can be a concern. Some areas of the world are safer than others for travelers, but even traveling in your own region can be dangerous.

Be Mindful

One thing that increases the risk to travelers is that they are often so harried that they simply don’t have time to look around and see whether anything looks suspicious. Being in a strange, new area can also be unsafe. It can help to have a list of tips for safe travel posted nearby in your office or at home. Each time you are scheduled to travel, take the list down, and read it over so that your mind will be refreshed.


Avoid Dark Secluded Areas

All travelers, especially women, should be careful to avoid dark areas. Stay away from poorly lit parking lots and secluded places. Often, criminals lurk in the shadows of areas like this waiting for unsuspecting people. Try to have all your work or appointments completed and be back to your home, office or hotel room before dark. If you must go into a dark, empty parking garage, look around and see if there’s a trustworthy person nearby who might go with you. Never be embarrassed about asking for help if you need it.

Go Early

When we get in a hurry, we make mistakes. This is a well-proven fact of life. You don’t have time to look up and see if you’re in a safe, well-lit place. You don’t notice if there are suspicious people hanging around. Try to leave for appointments or flights early. Your life will be more stress-free and you’ll never be so busy that you accidentally place yourself in harm’s way.

Be Informed

Always have a good idea of where you’re headed. If you’ve just arrived in a foreign country, try to get a map of the local area. If you get lost, search for a decent hotel. Every good hotel has desk clerks who know the area. They know where the airport is, where the restaurants are and how to get a taxi or rent car. They also know about local places like the conference center or a theme park.


Tell People Where You’re Going

Don’t just leave town abruptly without telling anyone. Always call your spouse, boss, friends or family members and tell them where you’re going. Give them a quick rundown of your schedule so someone will know immediately if you did not arrive on time to your destination. People often forget this one. They just assume that friends and family know. If you watch those shows like Dateline, you often see stories where someone went missing and no one really knew where they were supposed to be or what time they were to arrive. Make a habit of telling a friend or family member where you’re going and when you’re leaving.

Have Important Numbers Handy

Be sure to have all the important numbers of people you trust on hand. If you get in a jam at midnight in a strange city, do you have someone to call who might be able to help? If you’re traveling to another city for business, get the contact numbers of colleagues and business associates in that area. Let them know you’re coming and ask someone to meet you at the airport.

Miscellaneous Tips

Stay safe by traveling with friends and family or in groups. Always have a fully charged phone on hand. Some women carry a whistle or pepper spray with them in case of emergencies. The safest way to travel is to be prepared for anything.

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