Massachusetts Initiative Encourages Women to Work in Construction Industry

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The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has reinforced its commitment to bring more women into the construction industry. They have now begun enforcing hiring quotas on job sites like the new casino being built in Boston Harbor called “Encore.” This construction project employs several thousand construction workers from various trades. But it features 328 tradeswomen as well.

New Hiring Mandates in the Construction Industry

The Massachusetts gaming commission is requiring that at least 7 percent of the workers be females in its current and future projects. In order to get a gaming license in the state, at least 6.9 percent of the workers must be women or minorities.

Though it would seem like mandates would no longer be necessary in order for companies to embrace diversity in the workplace, the construction industry has lagged behind others.


Is Construction Work Too Hard for Women?

One reason for this may be that construction work has always been viewed as physically difficult, dirty, and demanding. Of the 328 women working on this particular project, none seemed to be complaining. In fact, one female electrician says that she tried to get into that field for years before finally making it. Now she’s working on big jobs like the Encore at Boston Harbor earning $42 per hour. She says it’s a good job with great benefits that she enjoys and reminds everyone that women lace up their boots the same as men.

The MGM Springfield construction project is underway and is requiring that at least 7 percent of the workers be women and minorities. At this time, 7.5 percent of the crew is made up of females. Their demolition crew was all-female, which may seem strange to some, but women construction workers don’t seem to mind getting down and dirty.

For all this to become a reality, the casinos have worked together with the government, unions, and a few non-profit advocates. Many women construction workers affirm that the work pays good and is not as hard as some people have thought. Most agree that it’s a rewarding job that they’re proud of and they earn enough to live the way they want to.

Hard Workers Needed for Construction Industry

Nationally, women only make up 3 percent of the construction workforce, but all that is now changing. One of the major reasons for the change is simple need. The construction industry has been desperate for qualified, skilled workers for big projects like the casinos. However, the number of younger men entering the construction workforce has diminished in the last few years. Many male workers are opting for office jobs instead.

New casinos are being designed and built across the US due to an upsurge in the public’s love for gambling. Of course, most casinos today offer a whole lot more than gambling.

Caesars palaceCreating Amazing Structures

Places like the MGM Grand and the Bellagio offer live top-notch entertainment, many recreational activities, pools, cabanas, and even art exhibits. Most popular casinos feature exceptionally beautiful interiors and exteriors and in fact, the world’s best architects often work on designing them. These design teams, which by the way do include females, work to create unique and exquisite places of interest in casinos and skyscrapers alike.

Designs often include lush rooftop gardens, incredible lighting and music, pools, and many other unique features. Most people never think about what it requires of construction crews to get projects like this completed. Construction work can be tedious and demanding but at the end of the day, it feels good to create something amazing that millions of visitors will enjoy.

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