Innovative Renewable Energy Storage Options


Inexpensive energy storage options have always been just out of reach for most energy providers. In today’s market, there’s a big demand for cheap, clean energy. But so far, it has been difficult to develop. Though solar energy and wind power are now widely accepted, companies still lack efficient, cost-effective ways to store and use the power they generate.

renewable energy

Tesla and Elon Musk

Elon Musk is on the cutting edge of energy storage technology with his development of the Tesla Powerwall. This technology is basically a giant battery that will run most of the appliances and provide electricity for your home.

Musk has made great strides in the areas of automobiles, renewable energy and space technology. He’s one of the richest men in the world but he is not driven by money or power. He wants to leave the world a better place than he found it. He’s doing this by developing space travel, better automobiles and clean energy for our homes and businesses.

Many European countries are developing renewable energy as well. In fact, the UK has not burned any coal for over approximately 1,000 hours this year. Though Germany has a similar energy program designed to eliminate the use of coal and oil, they have seen their share of problems. The German energy program has been fraught with problems.

Though the German government has built offshore wind farms, they’ve had problems transmitting the power from the North Sea to industrial complexes located in southern parts of Germany. Their renewable energy program is called Energiewende. This program is on target to move half their energy needs to renewable resources by the year 2040.

energy storageGeothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is also making great strides. This type of energy utilizes the earth’s own internal heat to produce energy. Geothermal energy works by utilizing the heat generated from radioactive decay. In the past, energy providers stayed away from geothermal technology because it usually requires that all processing equipment be installed near the earth’s tectonic plates. This made it expensive and difficult to build out.

As long as there is a planet earth, there will be geothermal power. About 45 to 90 percent of the heat that escapes from our planet is derived from the radioactive decay of elements in earth’s mantle. This power has long gone unused, but new and better technology is making this dream more of a reality for the future.

Once this power is harnessed, how will it be stored? That’s a question for the experts but with the advance of technology, it is now becoming more of a reality. From new types of flywheels to massive batteries, energy storage has been an obstacle that is now being overcome by forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Overcoming Tool Storage Issues

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