Are Swimming Pools Worth the Investment?

How to Relax

You’re perched in a small cove just inside a crystal clear waterfall. It’s a quiet moment filled with the beauty of a perfect day in Paradise. Just a few feet away, the sparkling waters of the resort swimming pool dance against tropical sunlight. You close your eyes and inhale the gentle breeze. It’s alive with the aroma of palm trees and sandy beaches.

In another hour, the sun will settle into an intense sunset of gold and indigo, but just now, the sounds of chirping robins and blue jays bring you back to reality. For a moment, you recall your real life and all that work you left on your desk, but then you dismiss those gloomy thoughts and begin again to relax, with eyes closed and heart in tune to the rhythm of the tropics.

With the sun’s descent, the lights around the pool begin to glow, warming this most amazing evening. They twinkle off the natural stone walkway like tiny stars embedded in rock. Now all the colors of the rainbow flash as the underwater pool lights come on. The iridescent blue glass pebbles of a nearby fire bowl sparkle and you take another deep breath and lean back against cool rock to enjoy the sounds of this perfect evening.

Living Life in Balance

Most of us probably believe we do indeed live a balanced life. We spend a portion of our time at work, a portion at home, and a portion on social or fun activities. And yet we all agree there’s never enough time to simply lie back and watch the sun settle into a golden horizon. How many gorgeous sunsets do we miss because we’re juggling work and home activities to try and catch up?

Some of us even have guilt creep in if we spend too much time relaxing and yet doctors tell us that this restful time restores us mentally, physically and emotionally. Instead of feeling guilty about the time we spend in worry-free enjoyment, we should actually relish it. We must give ourselves permission to laugh more and spend time playing instead of constantly working.

Vacationing at Home

Your home is a place of refuge where you can unwind with friends and family. Vacations where we simply stay home, sleep late and piddle around the house are often the most rewarding. We humans need these regular breaks from our daily routine in order to rejuvenate. Times like these renew us body and soul.

The subtle elegance of lying in a lounge chair by the pool next to a loved one for a few quiet moments, as we watch the sun settle behind a line of sycamore trees offers such a refreshing, yet remarkable peace.

Our modern-day society has come to a place where the need to relax is so essential that it affects our health when we neglect leisure time. Techniques like Yoga are quite popular, along with Zen Gardens where you can meditate and find tranquil inner peace.

No amount of money can buy a relaxing, romantic day spent poolside with someone you cherish, swimming, splashing, lying on a blanket watching the moon rise and the stars began to glow against a blackened sky. An uncluttered evening where your favorite music softly plays in the background merged with the gurgling sounds of a cascading waterfall.

You suddenly remember who you were at age 16 and what you wanted to be when you grew up. It all comes back to you as the fog of your modern-day life fades into nothingness.

Living the Good Life

A backyard oasis can become a place where friends and family gather to laugh and play and enjoy delicious meals together. These are the types of priceless memories that stay with us throughout our lives. An endless day of water volleyball and grilled steaks.  A time to build relationships with loved ones.

This is why so many people build swimming pools in their backyards despite the fact that you never can get your investment back in resale. There’s no return on this investment, yet people build $100,000 swimming pools every year in their backyard.

They don’t do it for the earnings potential! They do it in order to create a lovely, calming backyard oasis where family and friends can gather on special occasions. These types of activities will make you feel more alive and in touch with nature. They offer the opportunity to bond with family, friends, and neighbors.

For all those reasons and more, swimming pools are a good investment!

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