5 Amazing Workplace Safety Tips

Though OSHA provides guidelines for all workplace safety standards, it’s very common to see hazards whether at an office or construction site. Anytime or place where dozens of people are performing some type of work can quickly become hazardous. That’s because people are accident-prone. They may accidentally spill coffee, creating a slick wet spot, then forget to clean it up or notify maintenance. They might spill food on the floor, again creating a danger for others coming along and not seeing it.

In some companies, the management is not very proactive about safety. They’re slow to repair or replace broken chairs, desks, damaged flooring, leaky plumbing, etc in the workplace.  All these have the potential to cause an accident. Sometimes it’s a simple slip-and-fall and no one is really injured. But other times, workers can fall off a rooftop and be seriously injured. Each year, there are over 4,500 workplace deaths with thousands more who are injured.


Use fall protection in the workplace

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 14 percent of all deaths occur due to a worker falling from a high work area. Anytime workers must work a certain number of feet off the ground, they should use fall protection. This type of gear is fairly easy to use and cost-effective. It usually consists of a vest that the worker wears that is tethered to a solid object. If the worker slips and falls, the tethering system prevents him or her from falling to the ground.

The main issue that safety inspectors see is equipment that is old or worn out. Equipment should be regularly inspected to make sure it still functions correctly. If a harness is worn out, it could fail in a time of need. Poorly fitting vests are also a common issue. The vest should fit the worker snugly. If there’s any doubt in your workplace about whether management is providing adequate fall protection, the OSHA standards and guidelines can be found online.

Forklift safety

In warehouses, forklift accidents top the list. This can be due to several factors. Sometimes the supervisor will let anyone drive a forklift. This can be dangerous for everyone. Untrained forklift operators may not know the load limits and they may not be able to react quickly enough if an accident occurs. Be sure that anyone operating a forklift has been properly trained and tested. It may be prudent to offer retraining and retesting courses on an annual basis.



We all have problems with clutter whether at home or at the office. Factories and warehouses are especially bad about this. Workers get in a hurry and shove boxes into a corner, thinking they will come back later and put them away. Equipment and tools are left out in the way. After just a few weeks of this, a warehouse can be cluttered. This makes it hard for employees to move around and do their jobs. No one likes cleaning up, but it’s a good idea to regularly put away unused equipment, tools, products, and personal items. Never allow fire exits to get blocked. This is dangerous and it is a safety violation that a company can be fined for.

Follow Lockout/Tagout procedures

Lockout/tagout procedures were originally put in place to eliminate electrocution. This is the best way for any company to ensure the safety of electrical workers. The reason that this system fails sometimes is because these procedures are not followed properly. A worker may use a wire to lock a valve in place that can be easily cut instead of a chain. One shift of workers may go home for the day and leave a lock on, then the new shift comes on and someone cuts off the lock. Sometimes faulty equipment will read that the wiring is okay when it is actually live. Always double check to make sure an electrical connection is not live before working on it.

Wear proper safety protection

Anyone can get busy and forget to put on their safety goggles where required. This is true of all wearable safety equipment. You might be rushing to get a shipment ready and forget to put on gloves, then cut your hand on boxing equipment. These are common accidents that occur each day. Though they aren’t life-threatening, they do slow down the workflow and cost the company money. Plus, a bad cut on the hand can be painful and hard to heal. To avoid getting debris in your eyes, cuts on your hands, etc., be sure to wear the proper safety gear whenever needed.

Tool safety

Tools can be left out in the walkways where someone can stumble over them. The best solution is a good storage system for all your tools. This will prevent wear and tear, plus it will ensure that tools are not lost or stolen. If you have the budget for it, you can purchase an entire modular storage system. This is sometimes the most cost-effective way to handle your tool storage needs. You can also buy a piece at a time until you have what you need.

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