New Safety Technology for Plumbers, Electricians and Construction Workers

Good health and safety are of paramount importance on any job site. As all workers know, there are numerous dangers lurking right around the corner at any construction site. The sheer number of people busily performing their jobs can make the whole site look like a nest of ants working hard to build a new mound. They say that ants have radar or a sixth sense that prevents them from running into each other. Instead, they work in perfect harmony until the new mound is completed.

Health and safety

Not so with humans. Humans get preoccupied and forget that there’s a forklift behind them or a ladder lying on the ground. Construction work is complicated by the number of machines, materials, and equipment that is used to build something. From power tools to trucks carrying concrete and lumber, you might find it difficult to move fast enough if a 2×4 falls off the third story of the building and crashes to the ground.

These are just a few reasons why the construction industry must constantly be concerned with the health and safety of its workers. Accidents cost money and slow a project down, not to mention loss of life and other valuable resources.


OSHA safety standards

For many years, OSHA has provided safety standards and inspectors to check and make sure these standards are in force. With over 130 million workers and 9 million job sites going on at any given time, their resources are sometimes stretched thin. That’s why it’s so important for each foreman and supervisor to oversee the safety of their particular site.

The four most common types of accidents at a construction site are:

  • Falls
  • Being struck by an object
  • Being caught between two things, like a truck and a wall
  • Electrocutions

Almost 40% of all accidents occur due to falls. This is more than all the other categories combined. This is a category where OSHA often finds violations. There are many ways that falls can occur. A worker might step onto an area that isn’t strong enough to hold him. Workers sometimes get busy and just don’t see that the flooring has run out. In some cases, old, rickety scaffolding is the culprit. If you’re being forced to work on unsafe scaffolding, you should report this to supervisors who are supposed to take action immediately. Sometimes, this process does fail.

Roofing harnesses

For roofers or anyone working at heights, there are now special harnesses that should be used to tether the worker to something solid on the roof or floor. That way, if you do fall, the harness prevents you from falling to the ground. Experts have found that when all safety precautions and equipment are used properly, the number of accidents on a job site is greatly reduced. OSHA states that worker deaths are down from 38 per day in 1970 to 14 per day in 2016. That indicates that their safety standards are working.


Proper tool storage

Caring for your tools on a job site is another big issue for workers. Your tools can get damaged or just disappear unless they are stored properly in locking boxes. That’s where RolaCase can help. The RolaCase tool box line includes hard-working, durable cabinets and van shelving. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or HVAC installer, you need good tools to get the job done and good tools boxes will protect your investment.

The RolaCase website features many types of tool storage components, from rolling trolley cabinets to bulkhead partitions. You can even find vented gas cabinets, sliding platforms, and modular storage systems. RolaCase shelving products are used the world over in construction, but they’re also used on boats and ships where space is a premium. Pick up a few items or a whole storage system from the RolaCase website.

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