How Disruptive Technology Is Changing the World of Construction


The construction industry began thousands of years ago when humans first started to build shelters for themselves. It was one of the basic needs that humans had. In addition to being hungry and going out to find food, early humans realized the need to build something to protect their family from bad weather, animals and other dangers.

Some of the first known shelters were caves. Caves provide a natural shelter from wind, rain, animals and other dangers, but they can be very dark. It’s difficult to build a window in a cave. When early settlers came to America they naturally cut down trees and used the wood to build very rudimentary cabins. A few of these cabins still remain today, but most have been ravaged by time. A bit of the Daniel Boone family homestead built in 1720 still remains today due to careful preservation. Other than that, the Pueblo Indians built dwellings in the southwest U.S. in the 1400’s. Some of those still remain today.

log house construction

Modern Construction

Today, construction is all about comfort. Humans want aesthetically pleasing structures that can be easily cooled and heated. Whereas once you could build a suitable log cabin for a few dollars by cutting down some trees, today a beautiful home on the coast of South Florida might cost millions of dollars.

The technology surrounding the construction industry has improved a great deal. Many builders use prefabricated walls and roofs. Commercial buildings are often built using steel framing. And then there have been amazing advancements in 3D-printed building technology. Machines can now build an entire home in just a couple of days. Advancements in the building industry include so many unique components that it’s difficult to keep up with the progress.

Robotics are also being used in the construction industry in many areas. Project management programs allow you to manage a big project much easier. Each year, new tools come out that have been tailored specifically for the construction industry. From the materials used, to the wide range of software products, people seem to be drawn to invent new and better ways to build things.

Tallest Building in the World

Building construction itself has been pushed past the known limits by the creation of structures like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. At 2,722 feet tall, it is the tallest structure in the world, though upper sections of the building are just ornamental and do not contain rooms. The building has over 24,000 windows presenting a unique challenge to window cleaners everywhere.


Though the construction industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it expands each year with the invention of new technology. 4-D virtual reality makes it possible now to see and interact with a building while it’s still in the design stages. This can prevent errors and make it easier to install components like plumbing, electricity, heating, cooling, and stairways.

Machine Learning and Construction

Wearable technology now makes it easy to monitor workers in dangerous areas. Workers can be alerted to hazards and supervisors can tell if a worker has fallen or been injured. Using predictive analytics, builders can foresee problems that might arise during construction, avoiding costly mistakes.  Using machine learning, all visual data from a construction site can be analyzed to check for safety, progress, quality and other important factors.

Large construction companies are continually searching for ways to beat out the competition. This has inspired the creation of a number of innovative tools that keep the construction industry moving forward each year at a rapid pace.

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