Summer Home Improvement Projects

With summer on the way, we all start thinking about going to beach, taking a relaxing vacation and grilling outdoors. Though most people are glad that winter is over, spring is when we all look around and see numerous home improvement chores that have been neglected due to cold, snowy weather. Instead of just ignoring these projects, it’s really better to tackle them head on. Get friends and family involved if possible. You may have to reward the kids for helping out, but this can be a positive time of family bonding.

Make A List of Home Improvement Tasks

Begin with a good, realistic list of everything that needs to be done. Some people will only pick out the really critical chores, while others will create an extensive, almost impossible list to conquer. It’s best to the find the happy medium. Below, are the most common household projects people think about during spring:

  • Clean out the garage
  • Clean out flower bed; update landscaping with new plants
  • Clean up the barbecue grill and get it ready to go
  • Remove winter junk from in and around your home
  • Update floors, wall colors, furnishings, as needed

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If you have leaky pipes or broken light fixtures, then it’s best to put those things at the top. We all have chores we love to do and those that we try to avoid. That makes it hard to prioritize. But anything that is broken should be fixed first. Of course, if you want to get some additional help with your spring cleaning and home improvement projects, you’ll need to clean up the barbecue grill and offer free food and drinks to helpers.

While you’re at it, walk around the house with a clipboard and make note of any rotten wood or loose boards. Most people also need to have their gutter cleaned out. Lots of leaves and debris can clog them, then when the first spring rain falls, the water backs up in the gutters and will flood some areas. Caulking around the windows is also a good idea. With summer coming, you can save money on cooling bills if you make sure air isn’t leaking out.

Home Repairs

Loose boards on a porch or deck can be a hazard. Walk around the house and look for loose boards, then go ahead and repair them. Usually, this is an easy fix, using only a hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws. Don’t forget to paint the new boards as well. Paint helps to protect wood from damage.

The warm weather and longer days make it easy to overdo it and this can result in waking up with aches and pains the next day. To avoid this, limit your work time to a specific time length. If you’re an early riser, then you might work from 8am to noon on a Saturday. Then take some time off for relaxing or a nap. You can always go back out and on your home improvement projects for a few hours in the afternoon.

meat-1440105_960_720Mix in Some Fun!

Springtime is a great time for taking a drive to the country to photograph wildflowers. If you like fishing, then take your gear along and watch for rivers and lakes. Fishing is a very relaxing hobby for some people, but many young people are not that into it. If the kids are going along, be sure to take some handheld games or other fun activities for the young-uns.

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