Microsoft Hololens Revolutionizes the Construction Industry

Microsoft Hololens is changing the way many people interact with computers. This technology is the first to mix virtual reality with the real world. It has a number of exciting applications, including important technology for the construction industry. Working with holograms used to be something only seen in science fiction movies, but today it’s being used to bring an architect’s design to life.

As the world’s first holographic computer, the Microsoft Hololens runs on Windows 10, but takes computing to a whole new level. With this technology, users can pin their apps and content to the physical space around them and then interact with those apps. Since holograms are made completely of light, there’s no need for phones, wires or PC connections.

The Hololens takes virtual reality to a higher level with its ability to interact with digital content in real time. To date, this innovative technology has been used in space exploration, medical research, architecture, and construction. The applications for the construction industry are vast and new ideas will come to life as the product is used more.

Microsoft Hololens

Three-Dimensional Visualization from Microsoft Hololens

Imagine being able to see an architect’s drawings as the structure would look once the building has been completed. This is one of the big advantages of the Microsoft Hololens. By being able to see a design come to life while still in the beginning stages, builders can modify designs so that they maximize efficiency. The architect might view an issue that could cause delays for building contractors. They might see something that could be improved upon. They might decide a hallway is too narrow or a stairway is inconveniently located.

The possibilities are endless with 3-D visualization. And they’re not just available to the architect. The stakeholders and investors could also use the Microsoft Hololens to see what type of building they’re about to construct. If there are stakeholders located in other parts of the world, they can also view the project, even taking a virtual tour of the building to see exactly what they’re paying for.

munich-3256469_960_720Fewer Building Errors

Another big perk of the Microsoft Hololens is that it can prevent those costly construction errors that sometimes occur. As any project goes from the design to the building stage, contractors can misinterpret the plans. With the Hololens, these errors can be eliminated. It’s easy for building contractors to visually examine elements of the project. They can view exactly what the designers were trying to accomplish. This results in a reduction in overall building costs and makes each project go faster and smoother.

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