Safely Storing Nuclear Waste

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has a hugely important job in making sure the nuclear waste produced by reactors is safely stored. There’s a lengthy and dangerous process involved in the storage of this nuclear fuel. It spends five years in a reactor, then another five years in pools of water where the fuel is allowed to cool down enough to move to other locations for storage. This process costs the U.S. billions of dollars each year. Naturally, the NRC is always looking for new and more affordable ways to store nuclear waste.

Dry Cask Storage for Nuclear Waste

A new concept being developed by Holtec International provides dry cask storage for spent nuclear fuel that is safe for 100 years. Holtec has been responsible for handling nuclear waste since 1986. They provide both wet fuel storage systems and dry casks. These are designed to provide the necessary radiation shielding and heat removal for safe long-term storage. The new dry casks will have additional structural integrity to protect the world from the dangers of nuclear waste.

Nuclear Waste A Growing Problem

These are important issues that should concern the whole planet. As the world moves forward and continues to rely on nuclear power for about 20 percent of its energy, the casks of waste will grow. At the moment, worldwide, nuclear power plants produce about 200,000 cubic tons of radioactive waste each year. Some of it is considered low radioactive waste and some considered intermediate.

nuclear power plants


Experts believe the best solution is to find ways to reuse the nuclear waste. If it could be transformed into some type of fuel, then that would solve two important problems. Other methods of dealing with the nuclear waste problem have been considered over the years. One avenue of thought is to build a new type of reactor called a “Fast Reactor” that burns nuclear fuel much faster, leaving less waste. Another idea is to build a final disposal facility that is designed to safely store waste for hundreds of years.

Holtec’s new waste system is called HI-STORE CIS and it will be located near Carlsbad, in southeastern New Mexico. It should be operational within two years.

All Types of Waste Growing Steadily

An interesting side note–though the population is often very concerned about the safe storage of nuclear waste, human waste is on the rise as well. Because of the increase in earth’s population and the tendency in many countries to be slow adopting recycling programs, experts believe there will soon be serious consequences. By the year 2100, the people of earth will produce 3 times the waste they produce today. By 2025, waste is predicted to rise from its current 3.5 million tons per day to over 6 million tons per day.

Though this has long been a problem, it doesn’t seem to have any viable solutions for the near future. Recycling waste has proven to be the most effective way of cutting down on the trash that ends up in a dump. Recycling programs work but are often not utilized to their fullest extent.

nuclear wasteSolving Other Problems

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Good Storage Options

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