New High Speed Car Chargers for Tradesmen

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If you work as an electrician or construction worker, your tools are vitally important to you. In this day and age, many of those tools are electric and that means they must be charged in order to work.  Electric drills and screwdrivers are commonly used all throughout the day in the construction industry. It would be nice to carry a power outlet around in your pocket, but since that isn’t possible, car chargers are the next best thing.

How to Charge Tools and Equipment

Whether you work out of a van or truck, it can be challenging to keep your tools all charged, not to mention cell phones and computers. Today’s workers carry around all types of gadgets that require recharging. This fact has caused manufacturers to go the extra mile in an effort to make highly efficient chargers. The latest on the market is called the RapidX Charger and it can charge up to five devices twice as fast as most other car chargers.

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Since most electricians have several workers riding around with them all day, this charger is perfect. You might have two people who need to charge tools, while two others need to charge their phones. The RapidX Car Charger can handle all that and more. It retails for around $25 and it comes in two colors: black/blue and white/orange. It plugs into any 12V or 24V outlet. Each charging port uses Intelligent Charging, which is able to detect and deliver the maximum amount of power necessary.

The two front charging ports provide 2.4A each, while the three rear ports offer 2.0A each. A 5-foot cable connects front and rear. The charger weighs less than half a pound and its streamline design makes it easy to tote around with you.

Pros and Cons of Car Chargers

The one drawback is that this charger only has USB ports. That has become commonplace with many of today’s chargers. The good news is that with a wall charger such as those available for iPhone, you can easily convert USB ports to regular outlets. Technology has really come a long way in the last 10 years.

Chargers like the Anker Power Core are sold with a wall charger. This brand claims to charge any phone 85 percent faster than a regular charger. A company called LeGrand now installs outdoor charging stations in various populated locations around the city. These charging stations are mainly for laptops and cellphones and only offer USB ports.

For around $30, Samsung makes a car charger that has the cigarette lighter interface on one end and the USB port on the other. Its compact design makes it an easy choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in a car or truck. It weighs .2 pounds and is 7 inches long. It can be stored in the glove box when not in use.

handymenPower Inverters

For those who drive 18-wheelers or RV’s, there are a number of great choices of heavy duty power inverters. These can range in price from $100 to $1000. Most of these connect directly to a 12 volt DC battery. The 3000 W Energizer power inverter can power televisions, microwaves, gaming consoles, and other small appliances. It sells for about $300 but is a well-built product that would last for years.

Storing Expensive Tools

Another important consideration for many tradesmen is tool storage. With the right modular storage system, your tools can stay up, out of the way and protected from damage. Many workers now think of tool storage products as an essential part of their business. You may require heavy duty cabinets on wheels that allow you to take tools inside the service location. Locking tool boxes can prevent theft. Sliding platforms can maximize your storage capacity in a truck or SUV.

When you have thousands of dollars invested in your tools, it just makes sense to store them properly. RolaCase and RolaShelf started out in Australia in 1982 providing durable tool storage options for workers. Their brand is now sold all over the world and all products are fully guaranteed. You can purchase a few tool boxes or a whole storage system at RolaCase. If you have questions or comments, please visit the RolaCaseUSA website.

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