5 Tips to a Better Organized Work Truck

Carpenters, electricians and other tradesmen, often work out of a truck or van. In fact, you might spend all day in your van or truck even eating lunch there.  What often happens is that everything gets so messy. Workers put tools away in the wrong places. Junk gets stuck under the seat. Even trash that should be thrown out is pushed into a corner. It can leave your work truck in a mess.

This type of disorganization makes it hard to get your work done. First, tools aren’t where they should be. Secondly, so much junk can accumulate that it’s difficult to find anything at all. Workers can get grumpy and work can actually slow down while important tools and equipment are found. Below are 5 tips to help you prevent this nightmare.

Tip One

It takes regular tool maintenance to keep things arranged. We all wish we could simply organize once and then never mess with it again. But that never works. Just as with your home, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary to keep everything in good order. Try to get in the habit of cleaning the work truck out each week on Sundays or whatever day is best for you. Get some help from friends and family so cleaning up will go faster.


Tip Two

Find a place for each tool and mark it well. When we make a special place for items, it can be easier to keep track of them. You probably have tools and/or toolboxes of stuff that you use each day. Make sure it’s always organized and contains the tools you’ll need throughout the day. Putting labels on boxes and cabinets can help. Reinforce the importance of putting tools away properly with all your employees.

Tip Three

Organizing tools is often seen as the job nobody wants. Why not assign this task to a different employee each week? It really helps if one person is in charge of cleaning out and organizing tools. But it doesn’t have to be the same person each week. Cleaning out your work truck could also be done by a teenager in your home. This would be a good way for them to earn extra money for movies and video games.

Tip Four

Sometimes we cut corners when it comes to tool storage when we should be purchasing the best products available. Your tools and equipment represent a huge financial investment. Why not make sure they’re fully protected with top quality tool boxes, cabinets and van storage products? Remember that tools and tool storage products are usually tax deductible. Save your receipts and you can get part of your money back when filing taxes at the end of the year.


Tip Five

Stay on the lookout for new and cool tool storage products. Each year, manufacturers come out with amazing new products. For instance, non-slip silicone mats are made now especially to use as an insert in your toolbox. These inserts will prevent tools from sliding around. They are very cost effective as well. Once they’re dirty or damaged, just throw them out and buy new ones. Pegboard is often used as well, but today you can find stainless steel pegboard that will hold heavy items like a drill or saw.

Buy the Best

With RolaCase tool storage products, you get durable products that work as hard as you do. RolaCase stands behind its products too with full guarantees. Their website offers a wide range of storage cabinets and boxes that can accommodate almost any need. The RolaCase website has full trade packages that include everything you need to get started. And there are numerous trade packages made specifically for commonly used vans like the Ford Transit and Ram Promaster. This is an easy way to get the storage products you need without worrying about whether van shelving and cabinets will fit your available space.



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