Building a New Business

Whether you have an idea for a new shelving system in the garage or a new small business, the journey begins with a single step. Though that sounds simple enough, it’s actually not. Many people get stuck in the planning stages and can’t seem to take that first step. Yes, it can be scary. You might fail but you might succeed. Many small businesses today have really taken off and become huge overnight successes. So why not take a chance?

Some of our favorite excuses for not starting a new business or a building project are:

  • Do I have the money?
  • What if get started, then can’t finish?
  • This might the wrong time to start a new business.
  • This might take time away from my family and regular job.

Do I have the money?

If you have a great idea for a business but no cash, there are lots of ways to get funding. Some people try crowd funding platforms. These can be successful and they do generate excitement about your great idea. If you are trying to get traditional funding from a bank, then you’ll need a sound business proposal and proof of concept.

What if I start, but can’t finish?

This does happen to many would-be entrepreneurs. You have family needs, your boss wants you to work lots of overtime, you get sick … so many things can happen. There are various ways of dealing with these delays and setbacks. If you have a good friend or business partner, you can keep each other accountable. Talk to your spouse or significant other. Let them know how much this project means to you and ask them to become your accountability partner.

This might be the wrong time to start a new business

Honestly, if every entrepreneur waited for all conditions to be just right, no new businesses would ever get started. In some areas, the economy is still sluggish. Banks can be reluctant to fund new businesses. You can convince yourself that your business would never make it in this economy. And then, you’ll get too discouraged to move forward. Or you can tell yourself that this is the perfect time for your business to be created. You can tell yourself that you have what it takes to make it. You’re a smart cookie and a hard worker.

Try to get all the encouragement you can. You might try following a popular life coach. Make yourself a list of all the reasons why you CAN make it. Then read that list out loud each week. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. If you have authentic doubts about something, then find someone smarter than you and talk things over. New entrepreneurs often have to refine and tweak their idea as they move forward. Allow your concept to evolve and grow stronger as you move forward.


This might take time away from my family and regular job

Actually, it probably will unless your family is helping you in various ways. So be sure to talk to your family before you begin. Explain your idea, your vision, your dream. Ask them to help in any way they can. Tell them that you may be too busy for the next year or so to attend all the usual family functions. Make sure that your family is on board with the idea and they will support you. Your family can be a wonderful source of strength and new ideas.

Tips for success

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, there will always be opportunities to quit, give up, cut back or sell out and retire. Sometimes this is the right option for a person but often, its nothing more than just those old doubts and fears coming back to haunt you. So don’t allow those things to cripple your efforts.

Remember that on any of life’s journeys, there will always be obstacles and problems along the way. Learn what you can from them and then move forward. What so often happens is that we experience some type of setback and we camp out there instead of dealing with it and moving on. Instead of viewing these setbacks as negative, view them as exciting stepping stones to becoming independently wealthy. As you move forward, your mindset will gradually change.

In order to experience true success, you cannot give up because of some failure. Remember that changing and growing is natural and healthy. Evolve. Become. Don’t ever let yourself get stuck. When we get stuck in one place for a long time, we grow stagnant. Become good at dealing with problems and delays. Don’t allow them to move you off your game.

Sometimes people just get tired. You’re working all day on a regular job, then half the night on your new project or entrepreneurial dream. If you’re feeling burned out, then stop for a few weeks and take some time off to get refreshed. Remember that you’re only human; you’re not Superman!

brick-2449728_960_720Reflect on your journey

Get in the habit of taking a few moments at the end of each day to meditate and reflect. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I do anything today to set myself up for a more successful tomorrow?
  • Did I learn anything new today?
  • Did I build any important relationships today?

Goal setting

Set goals for yourself.  These don’t have to be great important things. In fact, this works better if you start small. So today, set one small goal for yourself and write it down at the beginning of the day.

For instance: “Today I’m going to make an outline of my business idea.”

Once you’ve completed the idea, mark that off your list. Now pat yourself on the back. You achieved a goal! As you move forward, add more items to your list and add harder tasks. You can continue building upon these little accomplishments until you’re tackling really tough tasks like building your new website.

As you move forward, keep a journal of the lessons you’ve learned and the progress you’ve made. Encourage yourself and surround yourself with people who inspire you. You’re a winner and a champion. You’re smart enough to do this! You have what it takes! You’re a high achiever. Your goals and dreams are just a few steps away.

Protect your investment

In any business, you’ll need tools of some sort. These can range from a computer to actual tools like wrenches and saws. These tools may be expensive and they are an investment in your future success. So why not care for them properly? RolaCase and RolaShelf manufacture the highest quality van racking and truck storage products. They carry small plastic bins to hold screws and nails but you can also find entire modular storage systems for a truck or van. Being organized saves you time and money. And, it protects your investment. Check out all the products on the RolaCase USA website today!

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