DIY Tool Storage Tips

If you work in an industry where you carry tools with you each day, you know how hard it can be to keep up with everything. In spite of all our modern technology, it can still be very stressful to try and find your favorite tools when you need them. DIY tool storage solutions can help.

The trouble comes when you realize how many different things you use each day. In any average day, an electrician or construction worker will have to carry around items like:

  • Tape measures
  • Hammers
  • Screw drivers
  • Drills
  • Saws of all kinds
  • Variety of wrenches

Too much stuff?

You might have several different types of each item that you use regularly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just magically snap your fingers and all your tools would follow you around? Someday, someone might invent that, but today, we must devise clever ways to store and take our essential tools each day. Good tool storage solutions not only make it easier to find what you need, but also protect your tools from damage. Most workers go along buying various tools as they need them and have the money to do so. After a few years, you’ve accumulated three or four toolboxes full of indispensable stuff.

One thing that helps some workers is using tool cabinets on wheels. Trolley cabinets are somewhat different, though they serve the same purpose. The wheels should be very sturdy. Just a few weeks of pulling these cabinets around from one job to the next can be hard on a rolling toolbox so spend extra bucks and get strong wheels.


Storing saws safely

How many saws do you own? Many workers have several types of saws. The jobs require this these days. You need a radial saw, a jigsaw, circular saws and reciprocating saws. Workers even carry hand saws. There are just some jobs that require a good old hand saw with a wooden handle. One of the dangers of leaving saws out in the open is that someone could get a cut or scrape from the saw blade. Good storage is the key to preventing accidents. It doesn’t hurt to keep your tetanus shot up to date either.

Many workers have come up with their own DIY tips for this, but below are few commonly used ways to cover a saw blade:

Cut off a piece of rubber hose as long as your blade. Now carefully split one side of the hose with a sharp knife. Since the hose just naturally curls up, it will fit snugly around the saw blade. You can also do this with a short length of PVC pipe.

Table saw blades can be stored in those old vinyl album covers. Some of those old vinyl records are worth lots of money today so check before throwing anything away. Most hardware stores now sell hard and soft saw blade storage containers. Look for something lightweight, yet durable.

saw-2184248_960_720Other storage tips

Below are a few other good tips for construction workers and tradesmen:

Make a holder for your flashlight out of a strand of copper (or other stiff metal). You can easily bend copper around the flashlight so it will sit upright. You can configure the copper wire so that the flashlight is held upright at any angle.

Have a hole that has been drilled out too large? Fill it with a golf tee. Hammer the tee down into the hole so that it’s snug, then cut the tee so it’s flush with the board. Sand to smooth out ridges.

Tighten a large, sturdy C-clamp onto the side of your ladder to hold your hammer in place. This is good for times when you need to place a ladder against a wall that you don’t want damaged. Take a pair of gloves and place them on the top rungs of the ladder so that they become a cushion between the wall and the ladder.

Did you forget to bring a bottle opener? Drive a round-head framing nail into a small board halfway, then hammer the end down against the board so that about ½ inch of the nail and head protrudes from one side. Grab the bottle top with the edge of the nail.

Buy the best tool storage for your business

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