Electricians Specializing in Lighting for Motion Pictures and Television

Many electricians go about their days installing and repairing electrical systems in office buildings and homes. But there are a wide range of industries where electricians are essential and one of those is television and motion pictures. These industries require all types of special lighting features for their filming. In fact, if the lighting isn’t right, the whole shot will be ruined. Lighting for motion pictures is a true craft.

Though working in the film industry does require special knowledge and lots of patience, almost any journeyman electrician has the skills to do the job. The upside is that in most cases, the pay is much better than ordinary electrical work. The downside is crazy hours and temperamental directors. Working with Hollywood movie stars may sound like fun, but they can be very demanding.

lighting for motion picturesMotion picture lighting

You might have to set up lighting in strange places that you would never think of, such as a dark alley or graveyard. You might have to work in the rain and typically, you do have to travel frequently. But in the end, it can be a rewarding and lucrative way to earn a living. In addition, Hollywood is always looking for the next big thing, so inventing a new lighting technique might be exciting and financially rewarding.

Lighting for Motion Pictures

To be successful with lighting for motion pictures, you must be versatile and have a wide range of tricks in your bag. Good lighting for television and movies requires a combination of visual imagination, creativity and good systematic mechanics. It can be expensive and stressful if some lighting system fails and the whole crew must sit around and wait. In the motion picture industry, time literally IS money.

What is cinematography?

Cinematography is a true science and over the years, a few great geniuses have been recognized in this area. The concept was invented in the early 1800’s when moving images were produced and photographed on drums and disks. Today, many film makers used digital cinematography at least for part of their production. But the old-fashioned method of lighting an area is still a great art practiced by many.

Light for motion pictures is a key element to creating the right setting and mood. It often evokes strong emotional responses in the audience watching the film. The cinematography and lighting used in the film, Gone with the Wind is still heralded today by filmmakers. Many great movies have been made over the years with the help of talented people who understood the value of lighting a scene correctly for the best visual effects.

theaterMemorable films

Films like Dances with Wolves, Life of Pi, and Avatar are especially memorable due to the incredible visual effects and cinematography. Other favorites include Titanic, Braveheart and Legends of the Fall.

If you have the skills and the interest to do this type of electrical work, it can be very gratifying. Though the names of electricians are not listed on the credits, these people do their part to ensure that a film attracts wide audiences. They are a few of the many unsung heroes of Hollywood motion pictures.

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