Advanced Lighting Controls Save Money

Many homeowners and business owners have heard about Advanced Lighting Controls, but don’t really know much about this technology. Basically, you can get very fine tuned control over the lights and other devices that use electricity in an office building or a home. This can result in a 50 to 75 percent savings on your energy bills.

Though there is an initial expense involved in installing this technology, you can expect to get a return on your investment right away. Within a few years, the whole project can be paid for through the savings on your electric bill.

Conserve natural resources

With everyone so concerned about our natural resources running out, this is a wise and timely investment. You can save precious natural resources while reducing your overall utility costs. And the latest technology gives you unprecedented flexibility, along with lighting designs for any workplace configuration or home décor.

Controlling an advanced lighting system has become easier than ever with smartphone and computer technology. You can set up your lighting system to turn lights and even appliances off and on at certain times of the day. For homeowners, this has become an essential element. Going on vacation is now much easier and safer because you can turn inside and outside lights off and on throughout the day and evening. This prevents thieves from knowing that your family is away enjoying the warm waters of Hawaii or the Florida Keys.

Green Building Technology

How business owners use advanced lighting controls

Business owners experience greater peace of mind knowing that the lights, computers and office machines are turned off promptly each day once everyone leaves the building. Many business owners have wasted money in utility bills for years because employees simply forgot to turn off a copier, fax machine or lights in their work area. But that’s a thing of the past with Advanced Lighting Controls.

Installing the system

If you have good DIY skills, you might be able to set this up in your home, but for best service, hire an experienced electrician to do the work. They will make sure that everything is set up correctly and according to the local code requirements.

With the help of an occupancy-sensor, light-level controls and energy metering, users have the ability to schedule lighting events or dim lights in a specific area. Newer amenities such as daylight harvesting can also lower utility bills and save natural resources. If you add offices or work spaces, it’s easy to make changes. This can often be done from a computer.

Finding the energy draining devices

For building owners, it’s so much simpler now to control multiple floors from one centrally managed location.  They can also monitor electricity usage. It’s easy to tell which areas are using the most electricity. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to lower those higher costs. There may be reasons why some utility costs are higher than others. For instance, a major appliance may be old and not working properly anymore. Older deep freezes, washers, dryers and refrigerators can be very expensive to operate. In an office building, copiers and other big machines may need servicing.

If you set up your Advanced Lighting Controls correctly, you can easily check and see what areas of the office are draining electricity unnecessarily. That can give you a good place to start looking for those energy-draining machines.

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