Latin America Moving Forward Rapidly in Alternative Energy Technology


Latin America is one of those lovely, romantic areas of the world we often dream of visiting, but how are they doing with developing alternative energy? Just about all of central and South America is warm, tropical and gorgeous. That makes these areas amazing tourist destinations. But with the continued neglect of their natural resources, they are jeopardizing the entire tourist industry. Mexico City, Mazatlan, Cozumel and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and other regions like this, have such culture, history and natural beauty. It only makes sense to protect their natural beauty.

Alternative energy for cleaner rivers

As with all civilized nations, the countries in Latin America are starting to realize how dangerous their past neglect of the environment is. The Rio Plata River in Buenos Aires is highly contaminated. About 70 percent of the water in this river is used in various ways and then returned to the river with no treatment whatsoever. Though this river has always been a huge source of tourist income, it is now so dirty that it endangers the lives of nearby residents and businesses.

Sometimes it takes an event or issue like this to wake up the public and get them thinking about the importance of maintaining our planet’s natural resources. We once took our rain forests, rivers, oceans and mountains for granted. City planners weren’t careful when developing these areas. Business owners were careless about where they dumped pollutants. Now, after 100 years of industrialization, we’re paying the price.


Chile, located in Latin American, is now determined to do better with alternative energy so that we can leave a beautiful planet to our children. Though Chile only creates 0.28 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, this number has steadily risen over the past 20 years. They’ve had their problems with the last few global climate summits, but haven’t given up. They’ve come back stronger than ever to join both the National Alliance of Latin America and Caribbean Communities and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Making alternative energy profitable

Their commitment to change was fueled by several factors. For one, this region’s fossil fuel sources are dwindling. This has caused the price of energy to soar. Small companies offering renewable energy sources moved into the area but haven’t been as successful as hoped. These smaller companies have been bought up by larger ones, in an effort to make alternative energy prices as competitive as possible. The government is working hard to create new and more profitable incentives for those companies willing to risk investing in eco-friendly energy production.

Though money typically is the bottom line, Chile is now committed to moving forward with better climate mitigation measures. They’re on target to cut their carbon emissions by 30 percent by the year 2030. Alternative energy is important to them.

Alternative energy and solar power

One of the biggest ways they’re doing this is with the modern El Romero Solar photovoltaic plant. It was a major technological and logistical challenge for builders and designers. But human ingenuity won out and the plant has been operational since late 2016. It is located in the Atacama Desert and is able to supply clean energy to approximately 240,000 homes. Eventually, the plant is slated to provide half the energy requirements for the city of Santiago.

Working abroad

Areas of the world like Chile have so much to offer for those wishing to live and work abroad. Over the last few years, the economy has stabilized and the country leads all of Latin America in income per capita, competitiveness, economic freedom and lack of corruption. In some areas, the climate is sub-tropical Mediterranean; in others, there are desert-like conditions. Still others offer breathtaking glaciers. It’s a very old nation with a proud Spanish history.

The population has been on a steady growth curve since 1945. This is the type of place where anyone could build an amazing life. There’s plenty of clean air, open spaces and incredible skyscapes and landscapes. Nations like Chile are always on the lookout for qualified electricians, plumbers, construction workers and HVAC installers. It’s one of those emerging frontiers where there are still so many opportunities and possibilities…the sky is literally the limit.


If you’re thinking of making a big move like this in your life, be sure to do your research. Learn all you can before moving forward. Others have found a whole new beginning in Chile, but it can be scary to leave everything you’re familiar with. Be sure to document your journey.

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