New Storage Ideas for Tiny Homes


The Tiny Home Revolution is sweeping the nation as people choose to size down to tiny homes, not up. In a world where bigger has traditionally always been better, tiny homes seem like a questionable idea. And yet, many families are getting rid of all the junk they’ve carried around for years, and going “small”.

tinyhouseStorage for tiny homes

Good storage solutions seem to be the make or break challenge for tiny homes. Some manufacturers get really creative and build shower stalls that can double as a closet. Others hide storage bins under stairs or under the floor. There is no end to the creative things that designers come up with.

One thing that has always worked with areas where space is limited is to hang everything on the walls. This solution is used with boat owners and tradesmen who basically live out of a cargo van. You can put up reels and hose holders that can hold everything from clothing and cords to craft items.

storageOrganizing your life

Since most people live in larger homes or apartments, they don’t really have a need to explore all the unique storage options available on the market today. But even in larger homes, proper storage can make life much easier. There’s nothing worse than spending hours searching for important papers, your favorite pair of shoes or a sweater. When we don’t have specific places for things, we tend to just throw them down anywhere. Then later, junk gets piled on top of the item and it takes a whole team of search and rescue people to find what you’re looking for.

Storage for boats and tiny homes

It’s not just owners of tiny homes who are plagued with these problems. Those who own a boat know how hard it can be to find a place to keep the essentials. One thing that boat owners often do is attach various types of netting to walls and ceilings. You can hang clothes, shoes, a cosmetic bag or just about anything from nets. For boat owners, finding all those hidden storage places is a necessity. When hung from a ceiling, durable netting can even hold pots, pans and food. Bungee cords are used to attach items to an out-of-the-way location.

These ideas and more are used by tiny home owners and they seem to come up with even more unusual solutions as time goes by:

  • Shelves that drop down from the ceiling
  • Hidden drawers under a table, floor or piece of furniture
  • Bench storage
  • Under-the-bed drawers
  • Small utility closets set in between wall studs
  • Over-the-door shelving

Those who work out of a cargo van or truck every day experience the same frustrations when it comes to storing things. Most repairmen, plumbers and electricians have numerous tools, equipment, parts and other things. RolacaseUSA has developed a whole line of great storage items just for them.

Storage for tiny homes and electricians

There are trolley cabinets for those times when you need to take your tools with you. There are plastic bins to catch all the small parts that get easily lost. There are reel holders for wire and cords. Plus, bulkhead partitions are great for hanging up a first-aid kit or vented gas cabinet. Rolacase manufactures durable products that will last for years and make life a little easier for skilled workers and those who own tiny homes.


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