Rewiring Your Home or Office

One good thing about buying a new home is that everything has just been freshly built and installed, so nothing needs rewiring. You have shiny new appliances, nice flooring and clean-looking paint and counter tops. The one drawback is that often older homes have more charm and there’s just no way to create instant charm like you might see in a 1920’s Victorian home. It’s very hard to replicate that old Gingerbread trim, those high ceilings and that musty smell.

Is rewiring a home expensive?

Many people dream of buying and restoring an old house, but it can come with a mixed bag of blessings. One of the big expenses in older home renovations is to replace all the wiring.  If a home is 80 years old, there’s a good chance that the wiring has come loose in places or been gnawed by rodents. It may be completely worn out so that some rooms don’t have consistent power. Going into the walls and ceilings to replace all that wiring can be a very expensive and challenging project. And yet, electricians manage projects like this on a regular basis.

Searching for a good electrician

A skilled electrician knows the easiest ways to get the job done while doing as little damage as possible to the structure of the home. With such a wide range of resources now available online, it’s also much easier to find a great electrician in your neighborhood to work with. Now, all you have to decide is whether you need to fully replace all the wiring or perhaps just patch a few things up here and there.

Your budget can be one deciding factor. If you simply don’t have the money for a full rewiring job, be sure to tell this to the electrician you’ve been speaking to. Let him know your financial situation and get his honest opinion about how safe it would be to just patch the wiring as opposed to fully rewiring the building. Although money is an important factor, it can never replace a lost family member. Safety first!

Get a firm estimate in writing

A licensed electrician should inspect all the wiring and then advise you on the cost, the amount of time it will take and whether patching is a good idea for your home or office. If you’re doing a reno project anyway, this is probably the best time to rewire. If you wait and do it later, your life can be really inconvenienced by having the power off for a while, having strange workmen in your home and just the normal ‘bother’ that comes with any renovation project.

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