How Green Roofs Help to Remove Heat from the Air


You won’t see green roofs as often as solar roofs today because it isn’t always possible to install one in your home or office. But the technology is very sound. If you don’t believe it, simply drive to the country and measure the temperature on an old country road lined with trees. Now drive to the downtown area of a big city and measure the temperature on any sidewalk.

The temperature is not only 30 or so degrees higher in a downtown area, but the heat just feels more oppressive. That’s because it’s filled with toxins like exhaust fumes. One way that people are combating this issue is by building rooftop gardens or green roofs.


Green roofs work

Vegetation and trees clean the air and cool it down. They also provide shade for plants, animals and humans. But they can do something much more important. It’s called evapo-transpiration. This is the process of transferring water from the land to the atmosphere. It cools down the air and makes the air more breathable.

As we move into the 21st century and hear more talk about climate change and global warming, we’ll see more technology that seeks to combat these forces. Cool pavement technology is already transforming our world by painting dark roads and parking lots with white reflective paint. Heat island technology seeks to lower the temperature of urban areas where human activities, autos and truck usage have warmed the outside temperature to 30-50 degrees above the actual temperature.


What is Living Architecture?

This term is also unfamiliar but growing in popularity. Basically, this means that as buildings are being designed, the architects create certain areas where green roofs or living walls can be installed. Plants and trees cool down the ambient temperature and filter the air to make it fresh. Those who work in heavily populated areas should see and feel the difference between streets that have too much concrete and too many vehicles and those with trees and plants.

Green roofs can be installed in office buildings, industrial factories or even private residences. They can be as simple as a few flowering plants and some grass to an expansive park-like area with picnic tables. To date, green roofs have been installed in thousands of locations across the U.S. Though they require a bit of extra skill from construction workers, electricians and plumbers, it’s not rocket science.


The architect’s design should provide the proper lighting, plumbing and electricity running in and out of the living wall or green roof area so that workers can easily tell where and how to install everything. Of course, with the push for every new building to be more exclusive than the last, architects are now designing complex lighting features, waterfalls, music and more. But the American worker has always proven to be flexible, hard-working and able to get the job done no matter what.


Green roofs and living walls

For those who can learn these new building techniques, green roofs and living walls represent an opportunity for workers to move into an exciting new sector of construction. Not only will plumbers, construction workers and electricians be keeping everything working as we all expect, but they will be helping to clean the air and make the planet a more beautiful place to live.

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