What Is A Heat Island?

heat island

If you live and work in a big city, you probably encounter a heat island every day. This is especially true for most tradesmen. Cable installers, electricians, plumbers and construction workers all suffer because of heat islands.

A heat island occurs whenever the earth’s surfaces are paved over. A big field of trees and wildflowers has grass, trees and soil. The earth can breathe. It’s moist and permeable. But once we pave over it, the earth can’t breathe anymore. This causes the surrounding area to become warmer. You can test this theory out yourself. Measure the temperature in a downtown parking lot, then drive an hour or two into the country and measure the temperature there. It will not just feel cooler; it will actually be cooler.

Manmade heat island

heat islandTrees filter the air and cool it down. They are the earth’s all-natural air conditioner. But in urban areas, city planners have cut the trees down and erected buildings and shopping centers. This is basically the concept behind global warming. The earth is now covered with lots of concrete, buildings, retail stores and all types of commercial enterprises and industries. The earth is paved over and isn’t able to breathe anymore so it heats up.

 The dangers of heat stroke

Most workers who do their jobs in urban areas are taught to drink plenty of water and wear cooler clothing. Some workers have personal fans. It’s always a hazard in the summer, especially in areas where it’s hotter. Workers can have a heat stroke and not even realize they’re sick till later in the day. Heat strokes can be very dangerous. You feel dizzy and woozy. You feel sick at your stomach. Soon you collapse under the beating sun.

How to treat heat strokes

Move to a shady place at once. If you’re working in an urban area, then always have lots of water around. You can even splash fresh water on your face or head and reduce your body temperature faster. Many construction workers and tradesmen carry small ice chests with them. Pouring ice into your shirt can feel cooler as well. If your symptoms last more than a few moments, it’s best to call 911 for help. The effects of a heat stroke can be long-term. In addition, you’ll always be a little more sensitive to hot weather than before the attack.

Reducing your frustrations

One of the things that electricians, construction workers and tradesmen encounter each day is a high amount of frustration. There are always hold-ups, problems, delays and all sorts of things that can give you a headache very quickly. Workers don’t show up for work or bosses demand the impossible. It’s tough to keep your cool. But one thing that can help is to stay focused and organized. When you have a good plan and everything is going well, you can get a lot of work done.

The heat island blues

heat islandAnother area of frustration comes when you can’t lay your hands on the right tool when you need it. Every worker has had this happen. You go to your toolbox for a certain wrench and it isn’t there. No one has seen it. All workers waste time searching for tools and equipment each week. A good solution to this is to have some durable toolboxes and storage cabinets for the things you use every day.

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