A New Revolution in Paving the Roads

New Revolution in PavingIf you work out of a cargo van or truck each day, then you no doubt spend lots of time driving from one job to the next. You’re probably used to slow traffic, detours, and inconsiderate drivers. I’m sure you’re also aware of how hot the pavement is, especially with thousands of vehicles running up and down the roads each day. All the heat that the sun reflects off the pavement combined with the heat of the autos themselves can cause the roads to be over 150 degrees.

The best way to experience this is to ride a motorcycle on one. Without the protection of an auto body, you can really feel all that heat from pavement and the cars. Up to now, it was thought that no one could do anything about this. But then Cool Pavement was invented.

What is Cool Pavement?

Basically, someone has invented a paint that is solar reflective. Big trucks come out filled with this paint and they release it onto the highway, then work crews spread it around using rakes, bull floats and wide trowel blades. It goes on quickly and crews are tasked with getting the paint spread evenly over a wide surface.

Benefits of Cool Paint

In addition to cooling down the ambient temperature of the roadway, there are numerous other advantages. For one, since the outside temp is cooler, buildings located on highways and roads are also cooler. That means a reduction in your energy bill. There’s also a reduced need for street lighting at night. These new “white” roads reflect off the moonlight and make the streets just naturally lighter.

New Revolution in PavingIn effect, the air temperature for an entire city can be lowered once all the roads are painted with this new solar paint. Air conditioners don’t have to strain as much and pedestrians are more comfortable. This will lower the number of heat related illnesses and smog. The air quality itself should improve as well.

As this idea catches on, look for shopping mall owners, building owners and businesses to start searching for a good company to paint their parking lot. Once all roads and highways have been painted, experts believe we’ll even see a decrease in the number of accidents, because drivers will have better visibility.  Decreasing urban air temperatures is something no one thought could ever be accomplished, but now this is a very viable solution to the heat, smog and poor visibility that we often see on busy highways.

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