News About Green Building Technology

Green building has completely taken off on a global scale. Architects and builders alike have embraced the concept of utilizing sustainable building materials and processes. What some people may have once thought of as a trend has now become a commonly shared goal for an entire society. Green building processes help our planet and our communities.

Green Building TechnologyLED Lighting with Dimmers

Simple things like replacing all the incandescent light bulbs with LED helps. In fact, most cities across America are now doing that. It has taken years to accomplish, but city governments are now saving money on their energy bill and they are minimizing the waste that eventually finds its way to our dump grounds. Newer technologies take LED lighting one step further by adding a dimmer switch. This can be done at home, in your office or throughout a whole community. This will extend the life of light bulbs and lower the electric bill even more.

Glass Solar Panels

The new glass solar panels are taking the world by storm. They actually do look like a thick piece of glass and yet they work better than traditional solar panels. Tesla is making a huge impact in this industry by inventing glass solar tiles that are invisible. They’re run by Tesla’s Powerwall and they are guaranteed for the life of your home. Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles are made with tempered glass. They look fragile but are actually three times stronger than most roofing materials.

Green Building TechnologyGeoFence Monitoring Technology

This new revolution in programmable thermostats essentially causes this technology to work like it was originally designed. Though programmable thermostats seemed like an exciting breakthrough in home electric bills, they turned out to be hard to program. Most homeowners who have one, don’t use them. So Lennox went a step further inventing the iComfort S30. This device automatically adjusts the temperature based on whether there’s a human within the GeoFence zone.

What this means is that you can leave home with your thermostat on 60 degrees, but after a set period of time, when the system recognizes that there are no humans present, it will automatically reset the temp to 75 degrees (or whatever you desire). In addition, it checks the outside humidity and air quality and makes adjustments so that the humans living inside will feel comfortable at all times. It incorporates a special fan that can clean the air of harmful contaminants. This will be especially helpful for those with allergies.

Taking Convenience a Step Further

Much of today’s new green building technology can easily be controlled from a computer or even a smartphone. The world is moving more towards providing clean energy methods that are so convenient that there’s no reason NOT to try them. These are beneficial advancements both for our society and our planet.

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