New Storage Options for Pickup Trucks

Mew Storage OptionsMany tradesmen own pickup trucks that they use each day for work, but the storage options can be limited. There’s only so much room to use for organizing tools, equipment, materials and the stuff many workers carry around each day.

Most people buy a few things that look like they might fit the bill and then adjust as they go along to accommodate daily needs. But starting out with a good plan first can help you get the right products from the beginning. In laying out a workable storage solution for your pickup truck, think about what things you need the most storage area for. Plumbers and electricians have a great many tools they use each day, but you can quickly get so many tools that it’s burdensome to store them all.

Organizing your pickup trucks

That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you aren’t using up prime storage space for tools that you rarely ever use. Look through your tools and decide which ones will be needed for daily use, then utilize your easy-to-reach spaces for those. Expensive tools are typically kept in a locking storage box so they can’t be stolen.

A truck bed storage drawer is also a good solution. Many of these drawers have dividers so you can stash tools on one side and parts on the other. You can also find narrow truck bed storage compartments that only take up part of the width of the bed. The rest of the truck bed can be used for materials or machinery.

A decked storage drawer allows you to use the space on top of the drawer as well. You can carry lengths of pipe, boards or even a small ladder on top of the drawer. Bungee cords are a must for fastening down items that might roll around and get damaged.

Mew Storage OptionsAccessories for pickup trucks

Don’t forget to take advantage of the many storage accessories now available for pickup trucks. For instance, there are numerous inexpensive flashlight holders that can be mounted just about anywhere. This will keep your flashlight secure and easy to find. There are many types of holders that can be installed on the back of a seat. Mesh holders come in various shapes and sizes and can be attached in tight areas. Sometimes those small pockets and holders make all the difference in staying organized.

There are a good range of storage solutions for the tailgate as well. These may take some extra work to install but this is great storage for small items that you need to get at very quickly. Bed extenders allow you to use the length of the tailgate and they are easy to remove if you temporarily decide you don’t need it.

Professional storage solutions for pickup trucks

Rola-Case and Rola-shelf have all the cabinets, compartments, bins and storage solutions you need to get pickup trucks organized. Though it’s a bit of an investment up front, you’ll eliminate stress and become more productive when your tools and equipment are organized properly. All Rola-Case products are made with the highest standards and fully guaranteed.

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