How to Make the Best Use of Your Work Truck

Best Use of Your Work TruckIf you work out of a truck or van all day, then you know how cramped things can get. You’ve got workers, tools, equipment, parts and no telling what else. Though every day can be a new experience, one thing they all have in common is the need to get better organized. By organizing things so that you are utilizing all available space, you’ll make life a little easier on everyone. In addition, you’ll cut down on stress and frustration.

Every tradesman has had this happen. You’re behind schedule. The work van is hot and stuffy. Traffic is heavy. You finally get to your call and can’t find the right tools to complete the electrical repairs.  Days like that can leave you wondering whether it’s time to choose a new career. Your work day will go by smoother when you make the best use of your work van space and that’s a totally achievable task with all the new van shelving advancements.

Protect your investment

Commercial shelving is all about creating a place for everything. Boxes for your expensive tools should be well-made to protect them from damage. Each day you get in and out of the work truck and no telling how many miles you carry your tools each week. Make sure they’re protected from harm by keeping them in a good tool box. If you have so many tools that a box would be excessively heavy, then consider using a box with wheels. There are many designs to choose from and space is provided for small parts.

If your truck has a bulkhead, then this is a good place to hang things like a fire extinguisher, reels of wire or hose, and other lightweight items. Rolling cabinets can be a good place to keep partitioned drawers that hold all those small parts you work with each day.

Best Use of Your Work TruckShould you do it yourself?

You can buy specific cases, shelving and other items as your budget allows, then install them yourself. Most manufacturers offer tradesman packages that include all the key items you might need. If money is no object, then choose a good manufacturer like Rola-Case and ask them to custom design the shelving for your van or work truck.

There’s a truck storage solution for every budget, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years. Most of these expenses are tax deductible so be sure to save receipts. You can choose from various materials such as lightweight aluminum, sturdy steel or high-impact plastic. Both custom-fabricated and modular tool organizing solutions can extend the life of your tools and keep everything in its place.

Choose from sliding drawers, van racking, saddle boxes, cabinets and don’t forget about accessories. All those nails, screws, switches, hooks, and relays will wind up rolling around on the floor of the van if not secured well in a proper drawer for accessories. Rola-Case strives to provide contractors with thoughtfully designed work truck storage options at cost-effective prices.

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