Innovation for the Future: Tesla’s New Power Wall and PowerPack

Many people in the energy industry are excited about Tesla’s new Power Wall and Powerpack. Their goal is to eventually move the whole world from its current method of powering homes, buildings and transportation to Powerwalls and Powerpacks. Though this technology is still a bit mysterious to some, the Powerwall and Powerpack have the potential to change the way we power our world.

New Power WallWhat is Powerwall?

Powerwall is a storage system for your solar panels. It was created for residential use. As your solar panels collect the sun’s rays, the excess is safely stored away in these attractive “batteries”. They can be installed just about anywhere and up to nine can be stacked on one wall. They measure 44”x29”x5.5” and are completely weatherproof in case you want to install them on the exterior of your home.

They’re safe to the touch, and they can be monitored and controlled from your smartphone. In some areas, there may even be tax breaks for buyers. The Powerwall solves so many of the issues and challenges of solar power. They will make it easy, affordable and convenient for all homeowners to get their full potential out of their solar array. However, this amazing invention can also work independently without being connected to solar panels.

Powerwall can be used for emergency power or you can use it as your main power source. This is an incredible way to keep things running during power outages. You’ll never again have to worry about not having wi-fi, lights and a working refrigerator. That means greater peace of mind without the dangers of a traditional generator.

New Power WallWhat is PowerPack?

Powerpack from Tesla was developed for commercial operations. Their dream is to transform our world by providing low-cost renewable energy for factories, plants, office buildings and shopping complexes. The company estimates that it would take 2 billion Powerpacks to power heating, electricity, and transportation for the commercial sector. But with time, Tesla believes that this is a very achievable goal.

Many homeowners and company owners are showing great interest in this technology and though it’s still in its infancy, the sky is literally the limit. One of the great needs today is for trained and qualified electricians who have been certified to install the Powerpack and Powerwall. Courses are available online and in many community colleges.

As the years roll by, experts believe that most electricians will be trained and qualified to install, repair and modify these energy sources. In fact, some electrical contractors are going to great lengths to get their employees fully trained and ready. As with many new technologies, those who are on the cutting edge will reap the greatest rewards.

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