Turn Your Electrical Contractor Skills into a Small Business

If you work in the trades industry, such as plumber, locksmith or electrical contractor, you’ve no doubt thought about turning it into your own small business. If you’ve already taken this step, then you’ve probably realized that there are good points and bad ones connected with owning a small business.

Electrical contractors in high demand

With the demand for good electricians growing, it looks like the future may be bright. On the other hand, there are numerous tax code issues, required licenses, permits and building codes to worry about. Once you become the boss, it’s your responsibility to make sure taxes get filed on time, and people get paid each week. Though you may be a very experienced electrician, bookkeeping and payroll are probably not your ball of wax.

Electrical Contractor SkillsHire pros to help

That’s why it can be beneficial to hire out as much of that stuff as possible. Many new small businesses think they can’t afford an accountant, then the bookkeeping and paperwork get messed up and the IRS starts to send letters and you realize how important all that paperwork is. The best way to get off on solid footing is to go head and hire a good bookkeeper. Save every receipt and turn them in regularly so your accountant can keep the books in good order.

You’ll enjoy your small business a lot more knowing that you don’t have to worry about taxes and payroll. With any small business, avoiding those typical snags and headaches can ensure that you get the most from owning your business. You can also focus on doing the work each day and acquiring new customers.

A decent website is pretty easy to build using WordPress or other such online web design tools. It’s usually best to hire a copywriter to write your home, about us and services pages. That way your site will look and sound professional. Always put your best foot forward!

Owning your business truly is the American Dream, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare without careful planning and hiring the right people for each job. It’s so rewarding though, to know that you are in control of your future.

Electrical Contractor SkillsVan shelving and storage

One thing that can really make your small business seem larger is using an upscale work van that has been fully outfitted with the latest van shelving. When you open the back of your van, it should look clean and organized. Customers really do pay attention to this sort of thing. They place more confidence in tradesmen who have a nice work truck or van with cabinets, bins and shelves for everything.  Add your business name to the side of the van using magnetic signs until you can afford a graphic artist to paint something unique on both sides and the back.

Rola-Case and Rola-Shelf began in 1982 in Australia with the goal of helping tradesmen organise their work van so they could do a better job. That’s still the goal today at Rola-Case. With a wide range of rolacases, trolley cabinets, van racking, bins and accessories, there’s no reason to be poorly organized these days. We have kits for each trade. For instance, our electrical contractor package has everything you need included for one affordable price. How about a new bulkhead partition to separate the cab area from the shelving? You’ll find these and many more ideas at the Rola-Case website.

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