Efficient Organizing Tips for Electrical Contractors

Electricians must manage a wide range of tools, materials, and parts on a daily basis. In order to work quickly and efficiently, a good organization system is highly recommended. From a simple tool bag to a full-service truck system, there are options available for any task or work environment. Try out these organizing tips.

Organizing TipsTool bags

Every electrician, from the newest apprentice to the most seasoned veteran relies on their tools to get the job done. To keep their tools clean, organized, and protected, a good tool bag is essential. There are a few basic designs for bags. An open style bag, like this one made by Husky, features a large central compartment for bigger tools and a variety of pockets and pouches. Workers have easy access to tools, but this system is not weatherproof. Also, on a large job site, tool bags like this, when left unattended, are ideal for other workers to “borrow” from.

If security is a concern, an enclosed tool bag may be a better option. Klein has a line of enclosed tool bags, the Tradesman Pro Organizers, which are well built, weather resistant, and will keep your tools secure. They also offer a backpack variant for improved mobility and portability. For residential electricians focusing on rough-ins, a tool belt can be a useful option to hold a few frequently used tools without needing to haul around a full bag. A belt like this, also made by Husky, features a hook for a cordless drill, a slot for a hammer, small pockets for hand tools or parts, and a full leather belt.

Tool cases

From wire nuts to tiny bolts and screws, electrical contractors work with small parts daily. Keeping these parts organized and easy to find is a constant battle. But by using a case for small parts, anyone can keep them properly sorted. Many electricians use a small case in their tool bags to store frequently used screws and connectors. Some applications, such as wire terminations, require a special tool to be included with the parts.

Cases like this one by RolaCase are perfect for holding small parts and a specialty tool and are durable and weatherproof. RolaCase also offers a variety of portable cases for nearly any application.

Organizing TipsVehicle systems

Many contractors will make use of trucks or vans to perform service work. Having a variety of parts on hand and easily accessible keeps work running smoothly. RolaCase builds, designs, and installs vehicle-specific shelving kits for a wide range of service vans. These shelving assemblies are purpose built to hold any combination of cabinet kits, drawers, or individual parts bins. RolaCase offers pre-made sets that are tailored to specific vehicles that are easy to install and ready to use. If you have different requirements, these shelving kits can be customized to suit any need.

For transporting materials that emit potentially harmful gasses, install vehicle-ready vented gas cabinets for any application. For trucks and vans, RolaCase manufactures a line of sliding platforms that can be left open as a retractable work surface. They also make nearly any combination of drawers, shelves, parts bins, or cases, all easily accessible on heavy-duty metal sliding racks. And for truly unique applications, RolaCase can custom-build an entire organization system for any make or model of truck or van. They also offer an assortment of vehicle accessories like lights, ladders and reels to meet the exacting needs of any electrical contractor.

Organize tips for your tools

Electrical contractors have a practically limitless supply of organization options these days, so it only makes sense to take advantage of these time-saving techniques. The right system can drastically improve productivity, minimize damage to tools and parts, and keep the time spent searching for parts to a minimum so you can focus on your work.

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