Organize your Boat with These Great Ideas for Boat Storage

Great Ideas for Boat StorageIf you love sailing, yachting or just floating around on a barge in a nearby lake, one issue you’ve probably run into is boat storage. It seems like there’s just no place to stow all your gear, drinks, food and fun water toys. The thing about boats is that generally, people go out with the intention of staying all day or even a few days. That means you’ll require enough drinking water and food for all guests on board. Usually, people want to take toys like wakeboards or inner tubes and of course, you’ll need life preservers for everyone on board.

Taking along certain items can make your group more comfortable.  But it can look like an impossible task to find places to stow all this gear, and yet, with a few tips and tricks, you’ll quickly find places for it all and be on your way out to have a relaxing day in the sun.

Boat Storage Ideas

On larger boats, you can use the walls down below to store so much. Install several coatrack type holders along the walls. These can hold a lot more if you attach a few small fish nets or food hammocks. They can be used for clothes, shoes, gear or even food. An over-the-door shoe holder works just as well. Place phones/chargers, wallets, keys and other important items that you don’t want to get wet in them.

Bungee cords are so helpful and can be used in all sorts of places and ways. Attach flip flops and sandals to seats or ice chests. Use them to bundle fishing rods. Rope can also be used as a clothesline. Find an inconspicuous place and install a short length of rope. Now you can drape wet towels, shorts and bathing suits over the rope so they don’t mildew. One thing that’s important to have on board is a good fire extinguisher and these are fairly inexpensive and effective at putting out small grill fires and such.

Great Ideas for Boat StorageTips for Success

Don’t forget the first aid kit. It’s not too difficult for someone to get a fish hook or splinter stuck in their hand. Your kit doesn’t have to be huge; just include a few band aids, some alcohol, some hydrogen peroxide for washing out wounds, and an anti-bacterial ointment. Remember to bring along several big black trash bags so that getting rid of your empty cans, bottles and wrappers is easy. Never throw trash into our beautiful waterways. Reapply sunscreen several times throughout the day to avoid damaging sun burns. Remember to bring along sun glasses, hats and a change of clothes for each person.

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