Theft Protection for your Work Van or Truck

Theft ProtectionWith theft now growing across America, thieves are looking for easy targets and a work truck or van is often exactly that. Contractors typically carry around thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and equipment. They’re often in and out of their work vehicle numerous times throughout the day. And, they’re generally in a hurry. All this adds up to making your work van or truck a prime target for theft.

The easy answer is simply to stay out of high-crime areas and always make sure to lock everything up, but that is not a realistic solution. You can’t always tell where a day will take you and even the best locks won’t keep the professional thieves out. Real answers involve taking preventive steps to minimize your risks.

Don’t be an Irresistible Target for Thieves

Make it as difficult as possible for robbers to steal from you. Don’t allow your work truck or van to be an irresistible target for thieves. If they’re going to steal from you, at least make it as hard as possible for them to do so. That means always locking everything up. Try to park out in the open where your vehicle can be clearly seen by the public. Avoid parking in dark, secluded areas. If you have a theft or alarm system, be sure to arm it each time you leave the truck. Most insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with high quality alarm systems. Theft protection can save you on insurance premiums and make it much harder on robbers.

Keep Doors Locked at All Times

Thieves have become so brazen that they will run up to your vehicle at a stop light and try to open the door. Keep your doors locked even when you’re driving around. Being robbed is a very traumatic event for most people, not to mention the cash and/or tools they might steal. An FOB Lock System makes it easier to lock your van or truck even if you’re carrying a bunch of heavy tools or equipment. With an FOB transmitter, your doors can be automatically locked as soon as you leave the vehicle.

Theft ProtectionLock Up Your Tools

Though utility boxes are good places to store tools, they’re also easy to steal. Thieves can take the whole box and get all your expensive equipment in just a few moments. Make sure your utility boxes have excellent locks and are situated so they’re difficult to lift out of their location. Some manufacturers are now making utility boxes that look like a Gerry can or other items that wouldn’t be a big target for thieves. Theft protection like this works.

RolaCase is a versatile storage system for the handling and transfer of components, tools and instruments. You can carry your power tools and equipment with you wherever you go. Rolacases are sturdy, corrosion proof, and come in various configurations and colors. They feature a movable handle and a lid that opens 180 degrees. RolaCase is the number one trusted brand of van storage and shelving solutions. And they offer good theft protection.

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