Top Tips for Van Shelving

Tips for Van ShelvingWhether you use an LWB Traffic or a standard Merc Sprinter in your everyday work, van shelving can help you get organized and look like a professional. But it also protects you and your tools from damage. You never know when you’ll have to slam on the brakes. Imagine all your tools and supplies flying around during an emergency stop. This can be dangerous, but you can also damage expensive equipment.

Should You DIY?

Some people have a real knack for DIY projects, from building a new deck to pimping your work van. If you have the tools and experience, you can definitely save some money. You will need an extra pair of hands. If you aren’t sure whether you have the skills, tools and help you’ll need, then it may be better to hire a reputable company to do the whole project, start to finish. The advantage here is that the work will all be guaranteed and it will take less time. Usually DIY projects take longer because we have to fit them into our spare time.

Ply Lining Kits

A good solid floor is imperative. For one thing, it gives you an even, solid surface to build your van shelving and other storage. Most kits also contain plywood for van walls. This can protect your interior from dents and other damage. Check to make sure whether materials are included for wheel arch covers.

Storage Layout Ideas

Van shelving storage can take a bit of thought. Take into consideration the types of tools and materials that you will generally need to carry. If you use long pieces of lumber or long tools, you’ll need an area where these can be stored securely. Heavy items like a portable work bench should be stored against the bulk head. If you plan well enough, you can add slots into doors for hanging smaller items. Be sure to store heavy items where they’re easy to reach so that you don’t have to strain your back to pull something out of the van.

Tips for Van ShelvingMeasuring the Van

Before beginning, be sure to measure the back of the van well. Keep all your measurements in a notebook and double check them before you start work. It can be helpful to do a drawing of how and where shelving will be located. Once you get your plywood walls and floor in place, you can use a marker or duct tape to indicate where shelves, doors and other build-outs will be located. Determine the location of fixing points and layout boards.

Going with Professionals

Rolacase offers you the next generation in vehicle shelving & modular mobile storage systems. We’ve been in business since 1982 providing the ultimate in van racking, van shelving, vehicle flooring, wall panelling, vehicle accessories and mobile storage systems. Our systems are designed and tested by engineers. Rola-Case & Rola-Shelf are well-known across Australia, NZ, USA, Singapore and the UK as a professional manufacturing company providing high quality shelving, racking and storage solutions for vehicles, boats, ships and the workplace.

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