Van Ladder Racks for Commercial Vehicles

Van Ladder RacksLadder racks are available for every type of commercial van, and most are heavy duty and built to last for years. There are so many styles and features now that it may be hard to figure out what would be best for your profession.  Most of these van ladder racks are constructed of heavy gauge steel and are zinc plated with powder coating for maximum outdoor protection. But don’t assume this is true. Ask about construction and finishes.

You can find locking ladder racks these days and this can be a great idea if you sometimes work in dangerous areas. Thieves will steal just about anything so consider locking down everything to make it hard on thieves. Many brands have a padlock feature built-in for security. If you need easy access, then the slide-down rack is a good choice.

Perimeter Racks are perfect for full size vans.  There’s no drilling required and they are gutter mounted. If you have room for it, your ladder can also be mounted on the inside of most vans. This will protect it from theft and the elements such as rain and snow. Some racks will only accommodate a 6 foot ladder while others will accommodate an 8 foot ladder.

Utility Racks Vs Ladder Racks

Utility racks are very similar to ladder racks but they can be used to haul more than just ladders.  A heavy-duty utility rack is a good idea if you often haul long boards or lengths of pipe. There’s usually enough room to carry the ladder along with the materials you need.

Van Ladder RacksFeatures to Look For

Ladders can be hard to get down from the top of a truck or van, so to make the job much easier, look for brands with an actuator handle that pivots the ladder to the side of the vehicle for safe operation. Many types of ladder racks will at least lower the ladder 6 inches or more to make it easier to reach. All ladder contact areas should have anti-skid strips and vinyl covered stops to protect your vehicle from damage.

A professional Ladder Rack will last for years and it’s a good investment in your business. They do usually require some drilling for installation so if this is not your specialty, it can make more sense to have the ladder rack installed by professionals. They’ll make sure that any holes are drilled properly to prevent rain from leaking inside.

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